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The promos for 2016 Obama’s America say,”You may LOVE him You may HATE him, but you don’t know him,. ” After seeing Dinesh D”sousa’s film YOU WILL KNOW HIM. This film is not a propaganda piece like the left is trying to portray it as , but consists of carefully researched, verifiable hard core facts about Obama and why he believes the way he does. I can attest to much of this film due to the fact that I’ve followed Obama so closely and am familiar with most of the facts presented here, but to the average citizen this can be a real eye-opener.

Dinesh D’sousa is avery proficient writer and lecturer from India. He came here in 1978. He was born the same year as Obama, went to college the same year, he at Dartmouth and Obama at Harvard and even got married the same year Obama did and they are both from mixed race families.

Dinesh traces Obama’s roots from his beginnings from his first father, who was a black muslim anti-colonialist and socialist who left Obama when he was two years old, his mother’s re-marriage to Lolo Sotero another socialist/muslim in Indonesia to Obama’s mother giving Obama to her parents in Hawaii to raise when he was twelve years old then heading back to Indonesia. Obama’s grandfather felt young Barack should have a mentor so he introduced him to Frankl Marshall Davis, a hard core card carrying member of the communist party. Dinesh even shows Davis’ card number. Barack’s grandfather had communist leanings also. In college Barack was influenced by Edward Said, a mid-eastern socialist professor at Columbia and later hung around with Bill Ayers, the unrepentant radical terrorist from the 60′s who bombed the pentagon, bombed the capital building in Washington D.C. and bombed the N.Y C police station and to this day was never found guilty and admits he regrets not setting off more bombs. Barack started his campaign in Ayer’s home in Chicago and it is rumored Ayers ghost-wrote Obama’s book “Dreams From My Father.” Then there is the now infamous Rev. Jeremiah (“God Damn America”) Wright who Barack was a member of his black liberation theology church for 20 years and baptized and married Obama. Obama later offered Rev. Wright $150,000 to keep their relationship quiet to which Wright refused.

It is these influueneces that sharpened and molded Obama’s anti-colonial beliefs to the fact that he blames America for all the ills in the world and wants to diminish America’s influence in the world. Dinesh shows how Obama, helped liberate Libya, but won’t help Isreal or support the opponents of Iran’s regime. He shows how Egypt who once was our ally is now run by the muslim brotherhood as will soon be Saudi Arabia ,Iran,Libya and Irag leaving Isreal surrounded. It is a Obama’s anti-colonial beliefs that leads to his support of Great Britain (another colonialist empire in his mind) to give the Falkland Islands back to Argentina. “No wonder Obama returned the bust of Winston Churchill in the Whitehouse back to England,”Dinesh says. Obama wants complete government control of our healthcare system and for us to become a socialist state by the year 2016.

The film shows how Obama wants to dismantle America showing that America once had 5000 nuclear warheads and since Obama came to office we now have 1,500 warheads and he wants us to get down to 300 warheads equal to other smaller countries. Meanwhile the other countries are building up and not taking down. Russia currently has 5000 warheads and Iran is obtaining them and Obama is doing nothing to stop them.

Dinesh shows how the United States is financially collapsing.The national debt from Geroge Washington to Bill Clinton was only 5 trilion. Geoge Bush and Barack Obama increased it by 10 trillion, most of that under Obama where we are now three years away from becoming Greece. Dinesh ends the film by saying “So what’s the future for America going to be? The America we now know or Obama’s America by 2016 . It’s up to you.”

Check out the trailer below:

Movie Trailer: Obama & America in 2016 « 5 Pt. Salt

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