Jones Doubles Down

Self-described communist revolutionary and ousted Green Jobs Czar Van Jones is continuing with his hate-filled rhetoric accusing republicans of killing people for political gain.

Jones appeared on MSNBC this morning and responded to a question about the upcoming presidential election. “[The election] feels like a fear election,” Jones said asserting that “both sides are afraid of what the other side will do.”

He could be right, especially since Jones himself, an advocate and activist for the current administration, reiterated his hateful and accusatory rhetoric that republicans are allowing “bodies to pile up.”

Obviously Jones is confident this kind of violent hate-speech will resonate with potential voters. As keynote speaker at an event hosted by Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN), Jones accused republicans of “allowing people to drown” and stepping on the oxygen tube, in order to win an election.

View Jones bashing republicans for more than 15 minutes here:

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