Debt and Taxes: Obamacare A Deadly Prescription for America

As the European welfare state flails wildly on the emergency room medicart, and the EU’s quack doctors try futilely to shock the terminal patient back to life, the brain surgeons in the Obama administration believe prescribing the same deadly medicine for freedom will cure us of our national ills. If the Obamacare plan is not repealed, Americans can look “forward” to sharing the EU’s economically DOA future.

The judicial death panel having blessed the purulent, plague-infested monstrosity known as Obamacare with a clean bill of Constitutional health, we can anticipate its bloated bureaucracy to metastasize throughout the economy like gangrene.

Obamacare threatens to turn the United States into a diseased quarantine of red tape with a steady overdose of toxic taxation. A post-Obamacare nation will see progressively higher unemployment, mounting inflation, skyrocketing costs, and insurmountable public debt.  Tampened into this volatile crucible will be decreasing productivity, diminished quality of healthcare, and a reduction in private sector opportunity.

That is a deadly prescription for “change.” Sure, before our nation was dragged into radical amputation surgery for the real-world equivalent of a hangnail, there were a few million citizens who lacked healthcare insurance, desired to purchase it, and didn’t already qualify for Medicaid.

Instead of lowering the costs for those few caught in no-man’s land between public assistance and insurance affordability (for real, not just because one’s X-box costs crowd it out), such as by opening up interstate competition and limiting lottery lawsuit awards, the Democrat Party went the exact opposite course: Jacking up premiums and running up costs so high the medical system collapses into unabashed statism.

Within a decade, barring radical intervention by the “conservative” Republican Party, the state will own one-sixth of the economy. And that’s in addition to the inconceivable power our federal government has already accrued. As we can see from countries around the world fleeing from coercion-based medical arrangements, the costs of “universal” medicine are astronomical.

If we compare a “post-op” America with “pre-op” America and its trans-Atlantic cousins, the charts read quite clearly: Continue on this course, and we will experience fundamental transformation (as in “caterpillar into chrysalis or pupa, from thence into”… the grotesque).

Compare how much the United States (blue dotted line) spent on public healthcare as of July 2009 versus other countries:

Now consider that premiums have skyrocketed due in part to the passage of Obamacare. A major designer of the law, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, concedes as much, despite having earlier touted it as a cost-saver.

Next, let’s take a look at public debt per person around the world before Obamatax was passed in the United States.

And while looking at the chart above, compare these debt levels with the type of medical system for each country.

As one can see above, those countries with universal healthcare (dark green), a medical system that Obama supported prior to championing the PPACA (please backup your computer before attempting download), are the most heavily indebted. The United States was the only exception to this rule: It was among the most indebted before it started its suicidal path to universal healthcare.

If the United States progresses towards single-payer over the next decade, it will collapse the entire economy that much faster. The CBO has already put an expiration date on our birth certificate: 2027.

This Fourth of July, as you’re out barbecuing and shooting off fireworks, be extra careful not to drop the M-80s into your gas grill. We already have a doctor shortage that is only going to get worse as Obamacare blows up private medicine.

Also, make sure your family and friends know that your Independence Day celebration will soon be for naught, so long as Obama and his Democrat allies are re-elected this November. Don’t miss your chance to ask for a second opinion of your fellow Americans, before we get Kevorkianed by Dr. Obama’s poison pill.

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