First Things First

A good foundation is always important. A solid foundation is essential in the construction of a building. A strong academic base is important for success in higher education. The parable Jesus told about the wise man and the foolish man is more than just a children’s Bible story. Rock is always preferable to sand for a foundation.

The philosophy of America’s “multi-culturally diverse” society is built upon the sand of man’s wisdom and not the rock of God for too often, every culture except American culture is celebrated. The education system is built on the sinking sand of humanism and relativism and not the solid rock of the absolute word of God. American politics is built on the sand of public opinion instead of principles based upon God’s wisdom. I could go on with examples, but you get the picture.

Though it sounds too simple, the basic “why” of all man’s problems is traced directly back to the exclusion of God. Now don’t go to the illogical conclusion that the presence of God means the absence of all problems, or you might get initiated into the “name it and claim it” club. “Man . . . is born unto trouble,” according to a wise man who knew very well by experience.

“Jesus is the Answer” is not just a hollow sounding truth. It is reality. Notice the Bible does not begin with a plea for salvation or how to live a holy life or how to be victorious over sin. It begins with the foundation, GOD. Genesis 1:1 does not even try to prove the existence of God. It assumes His existence. The scripture simply says, “In the beginning, GOD created . . .” Belief in God as Creator is foundational because if you do not accept the existence of the Creator, nothing else matters. Acceptance of God as Creator precedes acceptance of God as Savior. Like I said, first things first. This fact explains why Satan tries to supplant the Creator and creationism with evolution. If there is no Creator, then life has no meaning or direction, hence we are all animals with no purpose of existence and no destination but the grave. Wow, what hope and comfort evolution gives!

Christianity supplies something no other religion, philosophy or world view can give: (1) beginning; (2) purpose, and (3) destination. Christianity provides a perfect trinity of explanation of: (1) origin of life (God), (2) the meaning of life (glorify God), and (3) the conclusion of life (eternity with or without God). Notice, God is the center of the threefold explanation.

God is essential. Man is not capable of ultimate success apart from God because of depravity. Man, left to himself, apart from God, will always degenerate. Since Adam, every person has entered this world with a predisposition to turn away from God and commit sin. Every society in human history that ignored God eventually crumbled.

As you live your life, put first things first. Don’t just include God. Build your life around Him. Place God at the center. Put Him first in your life, first in your marriage, first in your finances, and first in your work.

Joseph Harris has been a college professor and pastor since 1987 and his writings have appeared on WND, Sword of the Lord, Intellectual Conservative, Conservative Daily News, Canada Free Press, Land of the Free, and The Post Chronicle.

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