1001 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama — Part VIII

  1. The website “Fight the Smears” denied that President Obama was a part of the socialist New Party while in Illinois. Another lie.
  2. Investigator Stanley Kurtz revealed new evidence from the Wisconsin Historical Society that corroborates that not only was Obama a member of the New Party, he signed a pledge that he would publicly support and associate himself with the Democrat Socialist of America-affiliated party while in office.
  3. During the Governor Walker recall stand-off, President Obama “tweeted present” prior to a humiliating loss for the Democrats.
  4. President Obama drew laughs from a LGBT Leadership Council fund-raiser in Beverly Hills by making an apparent fellatio-related double entendre that “Michelle didn’t go all the way down”… on her pushups.
  5. At another fundraiser, Obama joked that Clooney had been airbrushed out of the picture that made the “Hope” poster, and that this was the first and last time that would ever happen. Not a true story, however.
  6. In a recent report on the supposed 3 million “green jobs” manufactured under the Obama administration, all manner of positions, from garbageman to used clothing salesman to school bus driver were counted.
  7. In an article that was published on the Huffington Post, Republican Darrell Issa cited that $100 billion had been spent on “green jobs,” leading to little more than mounting debt.
  8. Issa provided the following dismal statistics regarding the green jobs training program: “Equipped with $500 million to fund ‘green’ worker training for 124,893 people, the IG [Inspector General] found they have only trained 52,762 (42 percent of the target), and only 8,035 actually got jobs (10 percent of the target). Of those, only 1,033 (two percent of the target) have kept their jobs longer than 6 months.”
  9. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is also unilaterally changing the way jobs numbers are counted that will make it more difficult for journalists and economists to make timely assessments of their veracity, according to the transparency advocated Sunshine in Government.
  10. The BLS is also forcing journalists to report on economic data using government-issued computers.
  11. As noted in a Forbesarticle, a number of radicals have turned against Obama, calling him everything from a “psychopath” to a “megalomaniac” and arguing that he is little different than Bush.
  12. Famous left-wing academic Noam Chomsky once said that Obama is worse than Bush.
  13. Two of Obama’s close left-wing associates, Herb and Marion Sandler, were pioneers of the “option ARM” mortgage, which leads relatively poor people into mortgages whose interest payments they cannot ultimately afford.
  14. The Obama administration had direct contacts with the secretive left-wing billionaire summit “Democracy Alliance,” held at the posh Biltmore Hotel and chocked full of radical activists.
  15. Among Obama’s top bundlers is disgraced former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine.
  16. Although Obama couldn’t say that the goal of the mission in Afghanistan was “victory,” he named one of his campaign funds the Obama Victory Fund.
  17. While the AP ran a story whispering in hushed tones about Romney’s secret billionaire financiers, Forbes disclosed a number of billionaire bundlers doing likewise for Obama.
  18. This does not even include the Super-PAC funding of billionaires like George Soros, who can contribute unlimited sums to such campaign vehicles due to the “infamous” Citizens United ruling.
  19. Republican candidate Mitt Romney outfundraised Obama in May $76 million to $60 million.
  20. In May 2012, apparently haven’t learn the key economics lesson of his term, Obama proposes another multi-billion dollar slush fund stimulus program.
  21. As CBS reported, real inflation is not the modest 3.1% reported by the government, but a cumbersome 8%.
  22. Gas prices were up 103.77% under Obama in just two years.
  23. This is a bigger gas price increase than under Jimmy Carter.
  24. Gas prices have soared despite Obama releasing 30 billion barrels from its strategic petroleum reserve.
  25. Obama approved of $1.78 per gallon subsidy for corn ethanol fuel.
  26. As Reutersreported, Obama blamed others for high gasoline prices.
  27. When speaking on the economy, Obama made the revealing gaffe that he thought the economy was “doing just fine.”
  28. Former Obama adviser Stever Rattner appeared on MSNBC and disputed the president’s comment that the economy was “doing just fine.”
  29. After the phrase blew up in his face, he walked the comment back.
  30. Just a month prior, Obama had made a similar gaffe in regards to the magnitude of the recession that “sometimes I forget” [about it].
  31. President Obama once blamed the structural unemployment on the country’s level of automation… such as its ATM machines.
  32. The U.S.’ Global Competitiveness ranking has fallen from first place to fifth place under Obama.
  33. Obama’s Jewish mentor in Chicago was a socialist rabbi named Arnold Wolf.
  34. In a hot mic exchange with former French President Sarkozy, the president said of Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, “”You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!”
  35. President Obama’s Catholic ally Father Pfleger is a left-wing “social justice” activist.
  36. Although he criticized Bush’s invasions of privacy, Obama is compiling vast amounts of data on all Americans.
  37. President Obama politicized the census by moving its supervision directly into the White House.
  38. The president sent a weapons contract to a foreign company with ties to Iran.
  39. The Obama administration compromised national security by leaking information regarding America’s cyber warfare tactics against Iran.
  40. Senate Democrats blasted the administration for allowing the leak and warned Iran would be justified in retaliating.
  41. Moderate Republican John McCain linked the intelligence leaks, including one regarding Obama’s “kill list,” to an election-year campaign effort to make Obama look tough on terrorism.
  42. Undisclosed Mossad agents revealed to the Israeli press that they think Obama did it for re-election purposes.
  43. Long-time Democratic strategist Pat Cadell believes the leaker is Obama’s National Security Advisor Tom Donilon.
  44. Early in his administration, Obama requested that Angela Merkel allow him to stage an election rally at the Brandenburg Gate — and was rebuffed.
  45. President Obama has personally reached out to Germany to loan economically floundering European countries more money in order to help his re-election chances. (Never mind if those European welfare states actually reform or not).
  46. A study shows that Mitt Romney’s Twitter followers are far more likely to be American than Obama’s. Only about half of Obama’s Twitter followers are Americans.
  47. Anecdotally, the Youtube phenomenon ‘Obama girl’ won’t endorse Obama, and is not as excited about the 2012 elections.
  48. According to the Army Times, about 3,000 troops are slated to serve in Africa next year.
  49. U.S fatalities in Afghanistan have doubled on President Obama’s watch compared with the campaign under Bush.
  50. Obama’s religious adviser Eboo Patel has been closely linked to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who is building the Muslim victory mosque near the 9/11 WTC attacks site.
  51. Although the Obama administration stated that all officials are closely vetted, former “green jobs” czar Van Jones is an admitted 9/11 “truther.”
  52. When President Obama introduced President Bush at the latter’s White House portrait ceremony, the incoming president couldn’t resist making disparaging remarks about Bush leaving the economy in shambles and failing to capture Osama bin Laden.
  53. President Obama unilaterally went around Congress and announced that law enforcement officials should exercise ‘prosecutorial discretion’ in regards to certain illegal aliens. So apparently, Obama thinks it’s okay for him to put the caveats on the laws that Congress passes.
  54. President Obama’s wife Michelle, who is not elected to be an official, has a staff of 22 assistants, who make a combined $1.5 million a year, all at taxpayer expense.
  55. President Obama himself has a dog trainer/sous chef on retainer for $102,000 a year, also at taxpayer expense.
  56. Michelle Obama’s Spanish vacation alone cost taxpayers $470,000, according to Judicial Watch.
  57. Her family vacation to Botswana and South Africa cost over $424,000.
  58. A single vacation with President Obama is noted to have cost over $4 million.
  59. In one year, the Obamas racked up nearly $10 million in vacations total.
  60. The transparency group Judicial Watch has sued for further information on the bills that the Obamas have stuck American taxpayers with.
  61. President Obama personally gave out 1,200 Obamacare waivers to businesses, a flagrant disregard of the rule of law and a patronizing form of power-building virtually foreign to the American presidency.
  62. Labor unions that predominately backed the Obamacare law received numerous waivers, betraying an outrageous double standard.
  63. President Obama gave 58 speeches in 51 weeks selling Obamacare.
  64. Despite this smarm offensive, sixty percent of Americans think the president’s healthcare law violates individual rights.
  65. In 2009 alone, the president made 726 speeches or official public appearances, which is nearly two a day.
  66. The White House also held 332 White House evenings events in that year alone.
  67. According to the Cost of Government Center, it takes the average working American until August 2nd to pay off the cost of government. This is an increase from “just” 103 days under previous presidents.
  68. The COGC estimates that it now takes the average American 77 days to pay for the cost of government regulations, while under previous regimes it was “only” 61 days.
  69. Obama promised to reduce the fine print of home mortgage contracts. Currently, Fannie Mae’s mortgage paperwork weighs in at 120 pages, while Freddie’s a svelte 150 pages, and FHA is a big-boned 200 pages.
  70. Under Obama, federal government hiring went up 1.3% total in the first three years, although it fell by 1.3% in 2011. Declining local employment levels has led to an overall drop in public sector jobs. Obama has lied by saying that slowed government hiring in a recession is unprecedented.
  71. The crackpot “cash for clunkers” program burned through its billion dollar allocation in a week, and then quickly bled red by another $2 billion.
  72. Obama gave tax breaks for certain electric golf carts. One wealthy individual bought up ten to trim his tax burden by $5,500 each before selling nine for a healthier bottom line.
  73. Obama promised to “reduce drug use and the great damage it causes.” His administration then increased spending on drug law enforcement to record levels both in dollars and in percentage terms. U.S. drug czar Gil Kerlikowske later conceded the strategy hasn’t worked.
  74. As the Health and Human Services head Kathleen Sebelius admitted, the monumental Community Living Assistance Services and Support act has “no viable path forward” at this time. The program was slated as a budget gimmick to trim $86 billion from the federal deficit.
  75. In 2010, the Obama administrative touted an impending “recovery summer,” which was supposed to see an immense increase in jobs. Instead, unemployment actually went up twice on the way to 9.8%.
  76. Two years after Obamacare is passed, he claims that an individual mandate is necessary to cover those with pre-existing conditions. But this is false due to the existence of “high risk pools.”
  77. Has presided over a judicially imposed drought in California’s Central Valley due to some endangered species.
  78. Due to the president’s refusal to hold Attorney General Eric Holder administratively responsible for the deaths of hundreds due to the disastrous Fast and Furious operation, the House has been compelled to bring contempt charges against Holder.
  79. The state of Florida has resorted to suing the Obama administration for blocking its purging of voter rolls of non-citizens.
  80. The DOJ under Obama blocked implementation of a voter ID law in South Carolina on civil rights grounds, even though the state added a provision that it would pay for free voter IDs and allow post-voting verification.
  81. Texas has also filed a similar suit against the administration, charging the administration with showing how compliance with the law disproportionately hurts Hispanic voters.
  82. Obama has ignored the recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction committee.
  83. Although the youth vote and activism was crucial to Obama’s first election campaign, pollster Zoby says younger voters are giving up on politics.
  84. President Obama’s EPA is making a power grab to control ditches, gullies, and ponds on private property through the “Clean Water Act.”
  85. The Obama campaign is apparently engaging in an ‘unprecedented’ data mining operation to target potential voters. Whether or not the campaign is relying purely on public attainable data is anybody’s guess.
  86. The Obama administration is buying access to online users’ profiles from businesses like Google and Yahoo.
  87. The president “worked” a fundraiser at one percenter George Clooney’s swanky estate, selling plates at $40,000 a pop.
  88. President Obama has gone on a glitzy fundraising tour in liberal California while the economy continues to struggle creating jobs.
  89. The Obama campaign has scapegoated the GOP by claiming Republicans are rooting against the economy to turn around, as if this has anything to do with whether or not his policies work.
  90. Left-leaning neorealist Stephen Walt writes a list of ten foreign policy failures of the Obama administration. The most damning linkage is how Obama has failed to help the world economy recover.
  91. Obama announces a “jobs plan” of more spending in September 2011, after effectively admitting the previous bout of stimulus failed by stating flatly “the economy has stalled.”
  92. An all-time record of 16.3 million families are “upside down” on their mortgages.
  93. According to an economist, the economy has lost $1.3 trillion in annual demand since Obama took over.
  94. President Obama’s Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner recently said Obama’s economic policies have been “remarkably successful.”
  95. According to a November 15, 2011 report of Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) , the Obama Administration is on track to file 1,365 prosecutions for financial fraud, the lowest number in 20 years.
  96. Twenty-five percent of American households have someone who is unemployed and looking for work.
  97. According to an August 2011 survey, forty-two percent of Americans are living “paycheck to paycheck.”
  98. Up to June 2011, the Federal Reserve has effectively “pumped” $2.5 trillion into the economy.
  99. Under President Obama, the net worth of the American family has fallen 40% in three years.
  100. Obama once denied engaging in class warfare and declared to a national audience “I’m a warrior for the middle class.”

This is the eighth in a ten part series. Continued here


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