Progressive-Backed ‘Speedway Bomber’ Brett Kimberlin Commits Legal Terrorism

It was a typical night after a high school football game when a former Army Ranger named Carl DeLong was walking through a parking lot and spotted a duffel bag laying on the asphalt. Snatching up the rucksack to deliver it back to the teenage kid who presumably left it there, a powerful explosion rocked the scene of what should have been a commonplace slice of Americana. A man who had survived the Vietnam war would barely manage to live through the tragic bombing, which his wife witnessed before her horrified eyes. The crippled Mr. DeLong would later commit suicide.

Was this ‘Speedway Bombing,’ named for taking place near Indianapolis Motor Speedway, committed by Islamic jihadists or a right-wing extremist like Timothy McVeigh? No, this was just one of a number of such bombings carried out by Brett Kimberlin in September 1978, and it would three years later lead to his conviction and a sentence of 50 years in federal prison. But likely due to the political activism he carried out on behalf of the left, he is a free man today.

This was the same man who lied from a jail cell that he had sold pot to Dan Quayle prior to the 1988 election: a bogus claim that many in the mainstream media eagerly echoed in their desperation to determine the results of the election.  And while spending hard time, Kimberlin completed his law degree and went to work as a spokesman for  Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign — as the 1996 Washington Times article, “The bomber who helped elect Bill Clinton,” points out. Soon after the election was decided on behalf of Clinton, Brett Kimberlin was out on parole, shortly to be overseas doing god-knows-what in the Ukraine.

Today, Brett Kimberlin is a serial criminal who continues to wreak havoc on innocent, unsuspecting American citizens. But instead of planting bombs to attack his opponents, he weaponizes our debased court system. Like fellow left-wing terrorist William Ayers, the sociopath Brett Kimberlin long ago learned that the most effective way to terrorize Americans was not by killing a few people, but by doing what Saul Alinsky advised: to “cut [his]… hair, put on a suit and tie and infiltrate the system from within.” After he returned to the United States, that is exactly what he did.

Set up nicely by leftwing superfund Tides Foundation for his Justice Through Music Project and umbrella organization Velvet Revolution, as well as by wealthy progressives like Barbra Streisand and Teresa Heinz Kerry, the lifelong political arsonist Brett Kimberlin blazed a terrifying path through his victims’ lives. Litigating or otherwise intimidating anyone on his radar who dared mention that he is an ex-felon with a violent track record, he is trying to silence the speech of conservatives by imposing prohibitive court costs, not to mention heavy emotional costs, upon detractors using a tactic sometimes referred to as “lawfare.” Among those who have been caught in his crosshairs of late are mentioned by Michelle Malkin in a blog post:

Over the past year, Aaron Walker (who blogged as “Aaron Worthing”), Patterico, Liberty Chick, and now Stacy McCain have been targeted by convicted Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin because they dared to mention his criminal past or assisted others who did. The late Andrew Breitbart warned about Kimberlin and company.

Among the more notorious antics associated with this criminal is the alleged “Swatting” of conservative blogger Patterico, which is an intimidation tactic involving a faked confession by the targeted victim. Effectively, the terrorizer calls in a false “confession” of a murder committed by the intended victim, and the SWAT team shows up in the middle of the night at the victim’s house, sometimes with a hovering helicopter in its arsenal. It certainly leaves an impression. More traditional tactics include death threats against the target and his or her family. Both Stacy McCain and “Liberty Chick” have been targeted in this latter fashion, McCain recently relocating his family for fear of reprisals by the likes of Kimberlin and his ilk.

That is why many conservatives are coordinating to alert the public on Friday, May 25th about Brett Kimberlin, and that well-known progressives are funding him to carry out a ‘silence the right’ campaign.  Progressives need to dominate the culture and news media unchallenged in order to carry out their destructive, anti-freedom agenda. Brett Kimberlin is just one of the most notorious and nasty characters participating in the left’s plan to shut up conservatives, as radicals like it none-too-much that the center-right majority in this country is rising up to say “enough!” As Benjamin Franklin related, “GUILT only dreads Liberty of Speech, which drags it out of its lurking Holes, and exposes its Deformity and Horrour to Day-light.”

Lawfare is but one of the weapons the organized left is using to harass and intimidate the right. Coordinated ‘spam block‘ attacks on major media platform Twitter is yet another way the left has been stifling dissent. Long-planned boycotts such as the “Stop Rush” campaign, continual attacks on lone conservative news bastion FoxNews by 501(c)(4) Media Matters, not to mention constant charges of Americans violating “politically correct” standards, establish that the left cannot psychologically handle an open and fair political debate.

Most disturbing is the way that the Democrat party, going all the way up to the presidency, not only tolerates but embraces leftwing political terrorists. Both Kimberlin and Ayers have been closely and verifiably linked to the political campaigns of two Democrat presidents, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, respectively. The questions must be asked: Should Democrats be entrusted with American security if they are willing to not only excuse but bring violent leftwing terrorists into their fold? Can they even be trusted to preside over a stable and prosperous economy? Can they be trusted at all?

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