USDA hosting first ever US-China Agricultural Symposium

The first ever US-China Agricultural Symposium took place today. The Symposium where government and industry leaders from the US and China will meet to tackle export issues, to allow US Beef to be exported into the Asia Pacific region.

Minister Han Chanfu meeting with US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.
Minister Han Chanfu meeting with US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.

China became the number one market for US agricultural goods in 2011. China purchasing over $20 billion in US agricultural exports. This represents to the US over 160,000 American jobs in agricultural jobs and other sectors. American agriculture represents 1 in 12 jobs in the US and provides American consumers with 86% of the food we consume.

The USDA reports that strong agricultural exports contribute to a positive US trade balance, create jobs and boost economic growth. And reports that US agriculture is currently experiencing one of its best periods in history thanks to the productivity, resiliency, and resourcefulness of our producers.

Another goal of today’s meetings is to continue to strengthen bilateral trade relations and support the American brand of agriculture.

US Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack has worked with China to aggressively expand export opportunities and reduce barriers to trade, helping to push agricultural exports to record levels in 2011.

Vilsack was quoted, saying “Thanks to the productivity of American farmers, ranchers and producers, consumers in China recognize the United States as a reliable supplier of high-quality food and agricultural products. Strengthening our partnership with China’s growing market is integral to the strength of the U.S. economy in the decades ahead.”

These look like strong times for US agricultural, if talks go well we can see huge gains in exports and more jobs generated.

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