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UK Parliamentarian Blasts Greek Technocrat over Violence, Economic Meltdown!

Nigel Farage

Well he’s not well known in America, except for political geeks like me, but over in Europe Nigel Farage is known as a political firebrand who supports the democratic leadership of European nation states and vehemently opposes a one world order. His speeches are viral on the Internet and this week he delivered another sizzler to the European Parliament.

U.K Representative to the European Union Nigel Farage took to the floor to criticize the violence in Greece over the weekend and blasts the non-elected, politically appointed technocrat leader of the new Greek government over what continues to be a meltdown of the Greek economy.

See the video below and a transcript of the speech below.

Farage’s comments were directed at un-elected technocratic Prime Minister of Greece Lucas Papademos. In his speech, Farage criticizes the way Papademos was appointed, without the will of the Greeks and states that in the current economic turmoil now affecting the Greek people, that he too would be protesting in the streets.

Papademos was appointed to be the Greek Prime Minister in November of last year after the earlier Prime Minister stepped down under pressure from the E.U. Before his appointment, Papademos was the V.P. of the European Central Bank, and before that the Governor of the Bank of Greece.

Farage says, Well Commissioner, you picked the right man. Puppet Papademos is in place and as Athens caught fire on Sunday night he rather took my breath away. He said, ‘Violence and destruction have no place in a democratic country.’

 “What democratic country!?”

 He’s not even a democratically elected prime minister. He’s been appointed by you guys. Greece is not run through democracy now, it is run through a Troika. Three foreign officials that fly into Athens airport and tell the Greeks what they can and cannot do.

 The violence and destruction that you saw on Sunday is being caused directly because people are having their democratic rights taken from them – What else can they do?

 And I must say, if I was a Greek citizen I would’ve been out there, joining those protests on Sunday. I’d be out there trying to bring down this monstrosity that has been put upon those people.

And in his efforts, in the Puppet’s efforts to get the MPs to vote for the bailout package, he warned them, that if they didn’t do so there would be a dramatic decline in living standards.

 Well, has he looked out the front door?

 Has he seen the fact that 50 per cent of the young people are unemployed already? Has he seen the fact, that the economy, far from stalling has contracted for five years in a row, and is now accelerating on a downward death spiral – a contraction of 7 per cent per annum?

 Greece is being driven into the ground, and I think, frankly, when it comes to chaos, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

“These policies are driving Greece towards a revolution. They need to be set free. If they don’t get the Drachma back you will be responsible for something truly, truly horrible.”

 Farage addresses Greek Violence:

Not shy about sharing his opinions, Farage has been sanctioned by the EU leadership for blasting the Head of the EU Parliment, Mr. Van Rumpuy of Belgian in a fiery personal attack. On several occasions he has criticized the EU for undermining the democratically elected governments of European Countries in favor of the European Nation State. See one of his speeches below.

Farage blasts the EU for being undemocratic:

Farage blasts EU President Herman Van Rumpuy:

Farage’s most recent comments come as the Greeks attempt to get a hold of their massive debts and high unemployment. Eurozone officials attempted on Thursday local time to postpone another massive bailout of the Greek government while at the same time trying to stabilize the Greeks to prevent a national default, according to a report from TVNZ.

TVNZ article: Greece Scrambles for Deal Delays

According to the article, the bailout delay could last until April when the Greeks are expected to elect a new government. Conditions of the bailout include the requirement that the new Greek governments continue their austerity measures, cutting back on entitlements, continuing with labor reforms and slashing their federal debt.

Potential future Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaris, the head of Greece’s conservative party, has agreed in writing that he would continue with the austerity measures demanded by the EU if he is elected.

Farage’s speeches continue to garner interest around the globe as he takes his stand against one world government takeovers and massive undemocratic liberal policies. One may wonder if Farage is perhaps the world’s next Winston Churchill?

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