The Sacred Cow of Racism

Racism sucksHonest discussions on issues of race are as scarce as hen’s teeth. Reporters and pundits are usually too afraid to speak on any issue that might be connected to race, unless it is to label someone a racist. Concerning racist language, I do not believe anyone should intentionally slander or use hurtful words against another race, culture, gender or person. But hurtful words exist and are a part of history with numerous examples in many American literary works. The writings of Mark Twain and the poet Carl Sandburg come to mind. People today refer to the slang word “nigger” as the “N” word, afraid to actually say it within the literary context in which it may be found, thereby equating it with vulgarities and obscenities that are censored and bleeped out. I do not personally think this word should be used in a derogatory manner, BUT, to place it on the same level as vulgar and obscene four letter words that are unmentionable is ridiculous. I do not believe the word should be used in an offensive manner to denigrate and offend, but most of the ones who are crying “foul” have made a career of being offended. Vote pandering liberals and race baiting Black leaders such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have almost succeeded in having the word removed from history, literature, and classic films, labeling anyone who might use or read the word in a quote, as a white supremist, card carrying Klan member who would lynch all Blacks if only given the opportunity.

All references to race are not racist. Facts are facts and cannot be changed. According to the media, in the quest to not offend, when a murder occurs and the suspect is a Black person, then excuses may be made for his or her behavior. But if a Black person is killed by a white person, the White murderer is painted as racist. If a certain crime statistic reveals a higher percentage of Blacks or Hispanics are incarcerated as opposed to Whites, the cry “racism” is heard, yet, if the data is accurate, facts are facts. That is not racism, just factism. Truth is color blind.

A common cry from some Blacks of today is that of victimization. They are “victims” in a White man’s world. The truth is, they really have been victimized… White and Black liberals. Liberals who claim to be for the little guy, the poor and the minorities, have actually created a slave system of government dependency, thereby robbing these groups of the liberty to be all they can be, discovering their untapped potential. They have been successful in hypnotizing many Blacks, including Black ministers, into believing they cannot make it on their own and their economic salvation lies in the Democrat party and the promises of self appointed Black saviors. But the tide is turning and there is a growth in conservatism among Blacks today, as they throw off the man made shackles, reject government socialism, accept responsibility and begin to think for themselves. Until more Blacks take this step, they will remain in the racist world of Jesse Jackson.

Does any of this mean there is no such thing as racism? Certainly not. Racism is still an ugly part of humanity, and is probably as old as the human race. Real racism is wrong. There is a test which can be used to determine if you are racist. For instance, if you believe any individual is going to act a certain way or be predisposed to do certain things simply because of their color of skin or ethnicity, then you are a racist. If you think someone is more likely to be lazy, steal, be immoral, etc. simply because they are of a certain race or ethnic group, then you are racist. Also, if you promote or demote anyone based on race, then you are a racist. That includes voting for or against anyone based on race. Many have shamelessly admitting to voting for Obama because he was Black. That is racism.

If a certain act, acts, lifestyle, or philosophy seem to be more prevalent in one people group than in another, then culture is the culprit, not race. For instance, a people group speaks a certain language, not because of some inward racial programming, but because of culture and geographical location. There is, however, one inward trait which is inherited by all, regardless of race, and that is depravity. Sin is inherited by all from father Adam and only ONE person ever missed inheriting sin…..Jesus Christ. And that was simply because Joseph, who was descended from Adam, was not His father. The presence of sin is the root cause of racism and bigotry in mankind and will always exist.

A common fallacy today is the assumption that racism and discrimination are the same. Everyone discriminates. I discriminate when choosing what to watch on TV, or what to view as entertainment, or who I want to spend time with. Is that wrong? I explained this one day in a college class I teach. When I got off on the issue of race and prejudice, some of the students, Black and White, began to get uncomfortable. I told the students to take notice at lunch time and watch as students left the campus to go eat at different restaurants in town. My point was that birds of a feather would flock together. Sure enough, some of the guys segregated from the girls and went together, some girls teamed up and went out with one another, and several of the Black students gathered and went out to eat together, as well as our non-traditional students (non-traditional because they are older than the younger college kids and have families) who “discriminated” against all the rest, and grouped together. Did any of these groups discriminate against any of the other groups? No. They made discriminate choices concerning who they wanted to spend time with, but did not discriminate AGAINST anyone. At gatherings, religious and secular, I have seen men gather with men to fellowship, women gather with women, and among the children, boys with boys, girls with girls, rednecks with rednecks, professionals with professionals, but you get the picture. People of similar gender or interests or backgrounds or culture, gravitate to one another. They are not shunning others, just simply choosing their comfort zone. When allowed to choose, humans, as a rule, choose to segregate with their own kind, whether by race, gender, class or socioeconomic level.

Bottom line: Talking about facts of race is not racism. Choice based on race alone is racism. All discrimination is not wrong, and mutual segregation by choice is a normal accepted practice.

Joseph Harris has been a college professor and pastor since 1987 and his writings have appeared on WND, Sword of the Lord, Intellectual Conservative, Conservative Daily News, Land of the Free, and Canada Free Press.

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