Mitt’s False Religious Credentials

Mitt Romney has been working overtime to establish himself as a conservative Republican. The evidence suggest he is far from being a conservative.

His credentials regarding social issues are weak. He has taken the moderate to liberal stance on abortion, same sex marriages, healthcare, and immigration. Granted he has tried to get folks to turn a blind eye to his past, but it remains there anyway. On these issues, where the government ought not to have any control, Mitt Romney has been and remains an advocate of government socialism.

He has attempted to established himself as a fiscal conservative. Research into his political experience (Taxachussetts governor) strongly suggests he is a moderate at heart. But there is something more telling about his “I’m superior to you, and you should obey me” mentality. We have read ad infinitum about his displays of arrogance. (“I like to fire people” comes to mind.)

But it goes deeper still. An honest assessment by anyone will reveal that Romney boasts about his great management skills. Yet, such an investigation will also reveal that Romney actually does not have any more management experience than either Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich. He has bought and paid for an image and message that is false. Mitt Romney was not a manager. He admitted that in the debates (“I didn’t manage those accounts, they were in blind trust”. Which by the way is on record as being a false statement). Br. Mitt as he is affectionately referred to by his worshipers in Utah believe he had significant management experience with the Utah Olympics. I will be a little charitable with him. He was at the helm when the Olympics played out. Yet, people should realize that the disgraced prior management team had been already ousted and those in control had already establish and implemented a plan to correct those flaws with the Olympics. When Mitt arrived he did not save the day. He simply ran a set of plays that were already in motion. Let’s not give him “great” credit for “saving the Olympics.

There is more. At one time Burger King was number two in national restaurant chains. They floundered. Mitt invested money into them yet they still are below number two. Mitt Romney is not the great manager his campaign would have you all believe.

Now, one more reality check. Along with his investments in some companies that he did not manage Mitt had some success. However, he also had substantial failures with several investments, just like Obama. Obama has stolen money from taxpayers to invest in companies like two or three solar companies that have had failures, so far. His public investments in car companies has not yielded real success either. Romney would like contrast his successes with Obama’s failures. But there is a very serious question that deserves an answer.

Mitt Romney would have us all believe he is a strong conservative. That is false, but let’s follow the trend. Romney is using a prominent, yet errant, view of Mormons to portray his conservative image. Whether folks think about it or not they recognize that Mormon Country (Utah and Idaho) have held the role of being the most conservative states in the union. That image is transposed onto anyone that is Mormon. Fortunately, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not take political stances on most issues. But, if one were to examine a large sector of public Officials in Utah, at least, they will see a group of very moderate if not liberal elites; former Governor Mike Leavitt, former Governor Jon Huntsman, the current Governor,and several leaders in the state legislature. The Republican Party routinely elects its leadership from among the moderate thinkers in the party.

Most of these people are the ones aligned with Mitt Romney’s campaign. They are the epitome of establishment Republicans.

Yet, the public perception persist that Mitt Romney, the Mormon, is conservative. Why, because people won’t study him. Also people fail to have an accurate view of the Mormon population. It is perceived as very conservative because of the strong adherence to the traditional views of family, homosexuality, abortion, et al. Fiscally, Utah is among the states with some of the most liberal laws in existence.

Mitt Romney enjoys that perception of the Mormonism because it assist him in establishing himself among conservative nationwide, by association. The perception of Mitt Romney as anyone close to conservative is false. I personally would like Mitt to come clean with the FACT that he only wants to be president, just like Obama. He has little desire to do what is either best or even good for America.

William Way, Jr.

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