A Politician or a Statesman?

A Politician, or a Statesman?

In today’s political society of corruption, the crying need of the hour is for people of real character and integrity to enter the arena as Jimmy Stewart did in the classic film, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. In his innocence and simplicity, Mr. Smith believed his job in Washington was to accurately represent his constituents and support measures for the common good of all, with the Constitution as his guide. Mr. Smith arrived in Washington, not as a politician seeking personal gain, but as a statesman on a patriotic mission. Is your elected official a politician or a statesman? It is pretty easy to find out. See how he or she measures up below with these top ten contrasts, and then send a copy to them.

1. A politician believes the people exist for the use of the state.
A statesman believes the state exists for the use of the people.

2. A politician makes decisions guided by popular opinion and personal gain, and is
blown about with every political wind.
A statesman makes decisions guided by integrity with the constitution as guide.

3. A politician will respond to a question in long sentences, with vague and ambiguous
statements, never really answering the question or addressing the issue.
A statesman will answer a question honestly and briefly, responding to the issue and
actually answering the question.

4. A politician’s favorite color is plaid.
A statesman’s favorite color is either black or white, but never both at the same time.

5. A politician will be guided by emotion and misguided compassion, catering to the
few who yell the loudest.
A statesman will make tough decisions guided by facts, truth and a genuine
compassion, considering the good of all.

6. A politician has a rubber backbone, sensitive feelings, will play the race and gender
card, claiming to be color/gender blind, while at the same time giving preferential
treatment to special groups
A statesman has a backbone of steel, the hide of a rhino, is fair to all regardless of
race or gender, not giving preferential treatment to anyone.

7. A politician will give lip service to God at election time, but will deny God and
religious liberty while promoting other non-Christian religions and anti-Christian
A statesman is a true patriot, will stand firm for God and country, acknowledging the
distinctly Christian heritage of this country, honoring freedom of religion and its
expression, not afraid to speak the name Jesus in any public setting.

8. A politician will vote with their party regardless of the issue.
A statesman will vote for principle, regardless of party.
9. A politician views an elected position as a personal career.
A statesman views an elected position as an honor, entrusted by the people to perform
a public service as a servant of the people.

10. Politicians are a dime a dozen.
Statesmen are a dying breed.

Joseph Harris has been a college professor and pastor since 1987 and his writings have appeared on WorldNetdaily, Sword of the Lord, Intellectual Conservative, Conservative Daily News, Land of the Free, and Canada Free Press. joey@headricks.com

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