Surprise! RomneyCare Costs Exploding / Hidden from the Public

According to this article in The New York Times, “Massachusetts cannot bar legal immigrants from a state health care program, according to a ruling issued Thursday by the state’s highest court, a decision that edges the state closer to its goal of providing near-universal health care coverage to its residents” adding, “The ruling said that a 2009 state budget that dropped about 29,000 legal immigrants who had lived in the United States for less than five years from Commonwealth Care, a subsidized health insurance program central to this state’s 2006 health care overhaul, violated the State Constitution.” How does that saying by Sir Walter Scott go? Oh yes, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

If we look back on the head politico that signed the 2009 state budget that did indeed prohibit legal immigrants from receiving RomneyCare health insurance, we see Governor Deval Patrick spinning like a top in trying to explain how he went against the state constitution and installed this discriminatory provision into the healthcare law through the state budgeting system. Gov. Patrick knew fully well this was being done to save money, yet after being caught, he comes out saying he was “initially opposed” to it. From the NYT piece,Gov. Deval Patrick initially opposed barring the immigrants’ from the program and worked with legislators to create an alternative — and more limited — program that cost about $40 million.  If the governor was truly opposed to barring legal immigrants from receiving the health insurance provided by RomneyCare, then he would have vetoed it. This is the direct result of career politicians promising things to get elected, then when they realize the cost of it, they start to secretly inflicting hardships onto the citizenry to pay for their irresponsible nanny-state promises. In this case, the implied “free healthcare for all” turned out to be not so free and not for all citizens.

State officials say they will abide by the high court’s decision, ( isn’t that refreshing) but will now have to figure out a way to pay for the extra $150 million shortfall in the state budget. ( They can always raise taxes on the working class to pay for their blunder, and just call them “fees” as mitt Romney did for his entire term as Governor)

Former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney currently stated that RomneyCare is a perfect fit for the state of Massachusetts residents and is working to ensure all residents have health care. When people are promised anything free by the government, it never actually turns out to be free, as most things in life never do. The Cato Institute did a Policy Analysis of RomneyCare back in January 2010, two years before the high court decision that exposes the Massachusetts government barring over 29,000 legal immigrants from receiving RomneyCare health insurance. That analysis exposes how citizens were prodded to not reveal their true insurance status, (possibly to avoid the the penalties for not having health insurance) and that “the official estimate reported by the Commonwealth almost certainly overstates the law’s impact on insurance coverage, likely by 45 percent. The Policy Analysis paper also exposes the biggest piece of misinformation being used to champion RomneyCare as some form marvel of modern medicine and free gift-giving as follows: “Finally, we conclude that leading estimates understate the law’s cost by at least one third, and likely more.” (emphasis added)

These types of  big government lies and informational manipulating of the facts is exactly why  many 2012  GOP Primary voters are taking a closer look at Newt Gingrich today.  Newt Gingrich, as opposed to Mitt Romney, admits his mistakes, while Mitt Romney is still running around the country telling folks how great of an accomplishment RomneyCare was. How dishonest is that?  

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