Liberal Comedy Hour

The hypocrisy of the Democrats, and many left leaning individuals, is quite frequently so astounding, that one wonders if they realize that life is not a massive, ongoing Monty Python sketch.

Take Senator Dick Durbin, author of the Durbin Amendment of the Dodd-Frank bill. The amendment, which limits the amount in fees that banks can charge retailers when people swipe their credit cards, is directly responsible for the monthly five dollar debit card fee Bank of America will now be charging their customers. By reducing the amount banks can charge, the bank automatically loses revenue on debit card transactions. And as anyone who has taken Economics 101 can tell you, this is going to lead to an increase in fees. Durbin has of course expressed outrage at the fee hikes, claiming that the banks have no right to generate as much revenue as they do. But the true jewel lies in the comedic sketch that Mr. Durbin so expertly performed on the Senate floor.

Brandishing a Bank of America debit card, Senator Durbin went on a long and passionate rant, punctuating his words by rapping the plastic card against a table, telling people that they should take their business elsewhere. When confronted with the fact that his amendment is what caused the fee hikes, Senator Durbin scoffed off the idea with appropriate nonchalance. But perhaps even better than Senator Durbin’s comedic efforts, are those of supposedly funny man Alec Baldwin, whose real life performance is sadly funnier than 30 Rock.

Alec Baldwin has expressed his solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protestors. The protestors have gathered because they want to overthrow the banking system and replace capitalism with something, they’re just not sure what. Perhaps Mr. Baldwin has forgotten, but Capitol One happens to be one of the major financial institutions in this country. Perhaps Capitol One should follow the example of ESPN and pull his advertisements since their survival is obviously at odds with his comments. If only the value of truth and transparency in public discourse could rise as fast as the jobless rate Apparently, truth really is stranger (and funnier) than fiction.

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Rich Mitchell

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