I hope you DO get angry at me

William Way, Jr.

I hope you do get angry at me. This is strictly an opinion piece. Its my opinion, and unfortunately I am absolutely correct.

It has been my observation over many years, and I do mean many, that just about every time the Republicans earn a majority in Congress, or the Presid

ency they immediately head for the target range. They load up their mouths with Remington 20 gauge Magnum Copper-Plated Turkey Loads buckshot, and then systematically start talking… and shot their foot off. Its just astonishing how a 150 year old organized political party can consistently miss the target while shooting their mouth off.

I use as the latest example the latest loser running for the Republican nomination, Jon Huntsman. At first his hit comedy act of saying that Herman

Cains 9-9-9 plan sounded like the price of a pizza got some giggles. Then the folks realized that the rich little wonder boy, living off daddy’s genius, couldn’t deliver a hot pizza in one of their patented styro-foam burger boxes. It became readily apparent that Jon Boy had been bounced one too many times in the Western Hamptons (otherwise known as the Utah west desert), and his only claim to fame was quitting college and looking down on the “homies.”

But that is not the dumbest thing. His latest “I hate Romney” stunt is his animosity toward Nevada. This past Thursday Huntsman threatened to boycott the Nevada Primary if they scheduled it ahead of New Hampshire. See, that is why Republicans can’t maintain any kind of leadership. They allow the dunces in the party to eat their young. As I said in another post, the the permanent Republican Party platform has become “A Modest Proposal”, and the party no longer recognizes Abraham Lincoln as their historical statesman. That role is now filled by Jonathan Swift.

Jon Huntsman Jr.

I am ragging on Jon Boy because he is the latest and most outrageous display of fundamental stupidity within Republican ranks.

Here is my rationale. Who the hell cares, other than local money grubbers and desperate candidates, if New Hampshire or North Dakota holds the first in the nation primary, caucus, or beefcake runway show? Really? It is all a hype. It is an absolutely stupid issue for any presidential candidate to even talk about when the nation is in the middle of both an economic and security crisis. Just stupid.

On that issue here is the answer. Every state should hold their primary election on the same day, I propose the first Tuesday following the first Monday of April. The polls should open in every state at 7:00am EST and close at 6:59am EST the following day. Every state has equal input for twenty-four hours. When the voter tally is done the candidates have their delegates and the party convention can be held whenever the parties choose to have their national delegates cast their ballots (I would envision no more than one month following the primary). There that stupid issue of straw polls, scattered primaries, and warped contests of polling, etc. has come to and end, and the serious issues can be focused on.

There is more than just this issue. Last week some moron (I use Jon Huntsman’s word since I picked on him above) pastor from Texas tried to turn the election process into a referendum of Christianity. Let us not forget that the main reason for Judas’ betrayal of Christ was because he wanted to force Jesus Christ into a political cause rather than advocacy for character change. We all know that didn’t go very well.

Here is my point, Republicans up and down the ranks squirmed restlessly in their chairs over another stupid non-issue. Giving Jon Huntsman full credit due he did what Ricky “silver spoon” Perry should have done. He appropriately called the moron a moron. Ricky should have been the one to immediately call out the publicity seeker’s moronic statement for what is was, MORONIC. Then he should have move the dialogue back to serious and relevant issues. But, he didn’t. And, if elected president he won’t deal with serious matters there either.

That failure to be serious, will continue to prevent Republicans from being taken seriously…in the long term.

We have had no less than five of the Republican “contenders” put economic and jobs proposals on the table. All that has resulted is a bunch of spitting at each other WITH NO SERIOUS DISCUSSION of these relevant issues.

The President, Barack Obama, has single-handedly destroyed American security, both at home and abroad. I predicted this demise back when North Korea tested Obama’s resolve by sinking a foreign vessel over 18 months ago. I predicted it then, and now it stares us in the face. Why? Because President Obama is exceptionally unqualified to be a world leader, due to his inability to make serious decisions.

What is the Republican cast of characters responding with? Nothing but the same old mantra about Barack being a failure. Yet, I have not heard other than two of them getting specific. Only two. The President’s job IS TO BE THE LEADER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS for the Nation. That is job one.

The last President to recognize that fact was Ronald Reagan. Since then we have had emasculated sloths in the White House. The latest being the bottom of the barrel. The nation needs a President, especially to repair the destruction caused by our current “trainee and chief”, that recognizes that the essential nature of expanding peace, prosperity, and opportunity is the key to a calmer world. What are our current options; one nutcase from Texas who doesn’t grasp the concept of indomitable strength is essential for a secure society, a few hand ringers, a couple of apologist, and two that actually understand the role of the President.

If I have offend supporters of one candidate or another I guess it is the result of being dissatisfied with just plain cheese. Going back to the days of Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale I want to know “where’s the beef.” Trust me people when I say “If the Dominoes begin to fall, there will be no Godfather to put in the fix.”

Choose well!

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