The President’s Gift

President Obama has decided to bow down and concede to the cries and the gnashing of teeth of his liberal base. He must have already forgotten the fact that the countries credit rating was just downgraded by the S&P to AA+. How else can you possibly explain that in just a few short months that he has reduced his savings promise from the already to low $650 billion to a pathetic $320 billion? One explanation is that Obama is stuck in what I like to call “people-are-actually-listening-to-what-I-say land.” In other words, when President Obama was candidate Obama he was able to say and do pretty much what he pleased with little or no repercussions.

First, he is a gifted orator; when he speaks people listen. Second, he never really said anything of substance. While he was great at marketing his hope and change movement he never really committed to anything except not being George W. Bush. He allowed his loyal followers to fill in the blanks. Fast forward a few years to an economy in absolute shambles, a lot more gray hair and his audience has changed. He is stuck between Candidate and President Obama. On one hand Candidate Obama wants to go out and look moderate by talking about Medicare and Medicaid reform. On the other hand President Obama wants to be sure that his base does not think that he has actually changed his position so he softens his reform promises and goes back to where he is really comfortable- class warfare. He proposes to eliminate the Bush tax cuts and to increase taxes on those that already are a majority of the tax base.

My question is: Should we look a gift horse in the mouth?

Far more people are paying attention to the substance or lack of substance than were listening during his candidacy. The job outlook is dismal and he has no real plan to push our country to recovery. We are in need of an intervention. It is going to be rough. Our country needs to be cut off cold turkey. We need a President that is not concerned about re-election but with doing whatever it takes to bring our country back to greatness. We need a President that is willing to cut us off from the rest of the world until we are detoxified. We need a President that knows that while we are going through recovery we cannot offer help to others, as we must focus on ourselves. We need a President that understands that he must teach people to once again support themselves and not depend on the government for their present and future sustainability.

We should allow the President to continue to try and be everything to everyone. He does not have the ability to truly balance his stance. He will not do what President Clinton did and move to the center on substance. He will promise more hope and change but will continue to bow to the left with tax increases and possibly even more entitlement spending.

My advice is for us to take advantage of this gift. We must take this opportunity to point out each and every time that Obama is giving speeches with a moderate slant while proposing bills and pushing his far left ideology. After all, an intervention is not successful without a strong support group. We can be that support and we can help usher TRUE recovery.

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