The Anti-Bullying President

One year ago, First Lady Michelle Obama began her fight against bullying. She appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show urging the audience to set an example “for our young people” because “kids will follow our lead.” She encouraged the President to video blog about it on the White House website. In the following months, Mrs. Obama spoke about anti-bullying to any who would listen and made the rounds with the media to promote her anti-bullying message. She even took her crusade against bullying to Facebook and YouTube.

Then this past March, the Obama’s held a “summit” of sorts with more than 100 parents, students, teachers and others to find solutions to bullying problems. President Obama opened the event referring to his own problems with bullying due to his “big ears and funny name.”

Mrs. Obama set the theme of the event in her introduction of the president by saying, “Treat others with compassion and respect and [give] each other the benefit of the doubt. It sends a message to our kids about how they treat others.”

Apparently, the Obama’s have a very short memory.

Standing squarely at his bully pulpit atop his sturdy soap box, President Obama delivered his latest campaign speech in the House Chamber. He spoke with his angry voice and even made his mean eyebrows face.

On the heels of the now infamous rant of Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. that rallied his “union army” and called for the death of Americans who disagree with him politically, President Obama’s angry tone and forceful language clearly signaled his disregard for his previous stance on bullying. He demanded the Republicans pass his bill (that hasn’t been released in writing), encouraged the shake down of American business owners who he feels pay too little in taxes, and stated that his administration will take steps without congressional approval to accomplish some of their goals.

He made no mention of “incendiary language” or “hateful rhetoric” that he was so fervently against one year ago. He didn’t repudiate Hoffa‘s over the top battle cry. He simply rallied his “hate the rich” base and attempted to belittle Republicans. If Obama’s “children,” i.e. his progressive base, follow his lead, we can expect a lot more bullying to come in the next 14 months.


Anti-Bullying Summit 

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