Sarah’s Sweet Revenge

Sarah Palin. Her name alone is a dichotomy of emotions, depending on who you are and which side of the political aisle you lean.

For the Conservative mom’s of America, she is a role model to be admired. She is a true lady in every sense of the word, full of grace and beauty, strong yet gentle.

For many Conservatives, men and women alike, she is a champion of the plight of the American people, who’ve been sold out by a myriad of political chess players.

Still, to others, she is a modern day Queen Esther, destined for “such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14)

The the feminist she is a threat, though they will never admit it. She has the strength and resolve they say all women should have, but she is despised for having. She proves the point they have been trying to make for decades, but does it with grace and style that repulses them.

To the liberal media she is a mockery and proverbial punching bag they would love to dismiss, but they just can’t seem to get enough of!

Finally, to the political establishment she is a wake up call. Unfortunately, they keep hitting the mute button. Very few people understand that she is not who they think she is, no matter how many times they think they have her figured out.

Karl Rove, one of the leading political pundits, stepped up to the plate and took the official stance that it appears as though Sarah Palin will indeed be entering the 2012 presidential race. Hold up, Karl! Not so fast! You may be a Washington Insider, but there’s one thing you seem to have forgotten: Sarah Palin is not a Washington Insider!

Her 2008 running mate may be known as a “maverick”, but Sarah Palin is the embodiment of the term.

She’s on a cross-country bus tour, standing up for the values she holds near and dear to her heart- patriotism and love for America. She makes no promises, she makes no apologies. She simply speaks from her heart.

The main stream media continues to be cast to the sidelines, not even earning the privledge of a hint of what her next move will be.

Not even her friends at Fox News, where she is a regular contributor, has an inkling of an idea what her plan is. She keeps them guessing at every turn! Just when they think they have her figured out, they find out they were wrong yet again (though they will never admit it!)

Sarah Palin and her family were thrust into the media circus during the 2008 election and were virtually ripped apart at the seams with wild-eyed scrutiny and criticism that would curl the toenails of any seasoned politician. 

Never mind that Barack Obama was pampered by so-called journalists who’ve been in the business for more years than he’s been on this earth- the priority was to find any speck of anything that may appear to be dirt on the Governor of Alaska.

Oh how the mighty have fallen! Just three short years later, Sarah Palin still haunts the liberal media.

Will she or won’t she?

Now the tables are turned. No longer bound by handlers as a secondary candidate, Sarah Palin is in complete control. Every media outlet in the nation is on the edge of their seats, just waiting for the slightest hint of an official announcement.

Will it come September 3?

Sarah’s not tellin’- until she’s darn good and ready!

How sweet it is! Sarah’s got ’em right where she wants ’em! And the media hounds and pundits can’t stand it!



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Rich Mitchell

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