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Randall Terry was born in 1959 to Michael and Doreen Terry.

He is married to Andrea, who is his second wife, and has 8 children. (He has 1 biological child with his first wife, and they adopted 3 children through the foster care system. He also has four sons with his second wife.) He and his family currently live in Washington, D.C.

1981- Graduated from Ilim Bible Institute. He was Student body President.
2006- Graduated from Empire State College, SUNY; Communications Concentration

Fighting For The Innocent
Mr. Terry is a pro-life activist. He founded Operation Rescue, whose mission statement is: Dedicated to ending abortion in America. He believes that abortion is murder and should be made a capital crime.

In 2003, Randall Terry founded the Society for Truth and Justice. That same year, he also conducted a program called Operation Witness.

He has led the largest civil disobedience movement in American history, with over 70,000 arrests in the “rescue movement.”

On The Campaign
Mr Terry says:

“This campaign is about human rights, ladies and gentlemen. It will be first and foremost about the human rights of babies that are brutally slaughtered and thrown in dumpsters and landfills. But it is also about the human rights of the slave labor force on Obama’s plantation.”

Paying The Price
Mr. Terry is most certainly a man who believes strongly in the mission statement of the organization he founded. He truly is dedicated to do whatever it takes to end abortions in America, and in the process, he has been arrested nearly 50 times, and has been incarcerated for over one year of his life (accumulated jail and prison time.)

He has received numerous death threats on himself and his family.

He was sued by various abortion groups, had to file bankruptcy, and ended up losing everything he owned

In The Spotlight
Mr. Terry has been a guest on: Oprah, 60 Minutes, Nightline, Hannity and Colmes, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, 20/20, 48 Hours, Scarborough Country, Crossfire, Sonya Live, Donahue, Italian Television, Niko Television, ABC World News Tonight, CBS News, and NBC News.

He has been featured in: the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Rolling Stone, The Washington Times, The Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, US News & World Report, People Magazine, Roll Call, der Spiegel, Christianity Today, and many other major newspapers in the United States.

Mr. Terry is the author of following books: Operation Rescue, Accessory to Murder, Why Does a Nice Guy Like Me Keep Getting Thrown in Jail?, The Sword, The Judgment of God, A Humble Plea, and Sanguis Innocens, Sanguis Sanctus.
Five of these books were written in jail! Again showing that he truly is dedicated to the cause of ending abortion in America. ( And, as he says, he’s “using his time wisely”!)

Speaking Engagements
He has lectured at the Vatican. (He also met  Pope John Paul II)
He has traveled to 26 countries, and lectured around the world.

He is an accomplished musician, singer, and songwriter. Several of his Nashville recordings received extensive airplay in 2002.
Recorded two CDs in Nashville – country, rock, and gospel – all written by him

Keeps On Smiling
Mr. Terry is a prankster and a practical joker. His friends say he has a great sense of humor.

Political Affiliations
Was previously Republican

Previous Elections
Mr. Terry has previously run for Congress in New York
He also ran for Congress in Florida, as a Republican.
He was not elected in either of the previous elections.

On The Issues
Believes in limited power of the presidency
Believes the debt ceiling should not have been raised
Completely opposed to socialized medicine
Would repeal Obamacare
Would repeal all entitlements, including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, which should all be phased out
Opposes homosexual marriage
Believes in right-to-work
Not opposed to unions
Is against net neutrality, saying the government should stay out of the Internet
Thinks the US should pull out of Afghanistan
Would use Delta Forces when necessary to take out Al Qaeda and their associates

To The Religious  and Other Specifics
Mr. Terry has specific messages to the religious communities and other specific groups
To The Catholics 
To Evangelicals
To Independents 
To Pro-Lifers 
To The Tea Party 
In Spanish (EN ESPAÑOL)

Known As
One of America’s Best Known Pro-Life Leaders

For those on the Democratic side who insist on voting “party lines”, though they vehemently disagree with a candidate, Randall Terry offers an alternative choice.

On The Web
Randall Terry Official Campaign Website 
Randall Terry on Facebook 
Randall Terry on Twitter 
Operation Rescue 


Randall Terry For President Official Website
Live Free Or Die Alliance
2012 Presidential Candidates.org


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