Calling on Optimus Prime: An Independent’s plea

If there was ever a time for a Super hero in American Politics, it is now.

Rick PerryIt’s prime time for Governor Rick Perry of Texas to announce his candidacy. Gov. Perry, a real transformer of sorts, is the only potential candidate who has the heavy metal needed to take on the socialist agenda of President Obama and his progressive Democrats who as a party, are becoming increasingly hostile to the notion of free markets, religious freedom, and free speech. Governor Perry has several distinguishing factors working for him that will make him the GOP front runner, should he choose to enter the race.

Perry’s Texas is truly a lone star in a nation of dimly lit economies. For the last 4 years, Texas has led America in new job growth. Most recently, the state of Texas was cited as having created approximately 43% of the net new jobs in the United States. Couple this with being the nation’s number one exporter for the last 7 years, and you have to say Governor Perry’s leadership is extraordinary. If voting with your feet were a barometer of approval, then Perry has a double digit lead over President Obama already, as thousands of new residents are swarming into Texas everyday, adding to an already robust tax base.

Compared to the massive job losses all around the country produced by the Keynesian nonsense that President Obama and his party have been pushing, Governor Perry has a proven record of success that tops all the GOP hopefuls, and certainly better then the current occupant on 1600 Pennsylvania, Avenue.

Rick Perry is no skinny on personality. A tall, attractive man, with a get ‘er done attitude, he has a creative governing style and rock steady temperament when in battle. One of his real advantages is that he knows how the other side of the isle thinks. Yes, Rick Perry was a one time Democrat, which I understand personally, as I left the Democrat party as well. I believe the experience is an advantage. Familiarity in understanding the ideological differences can help to avoid grid-lock and encourage bi-partisan support, at least in areas that need immediate attention like the economy.

A believer in States rights, Perry sees major encroachment from the federal government as a national problem. In the same light being on the border with Mexico, The Governor understands the issues with immigration more then anyone else, and believes in a, “boots on the ground” policy, combined with hi-tech surveillance. Couple this with being a strong ally for Israel, and a supporter of traditional marriage Governor Perry is in the main stream, despite what the deceptive troubadours of the modern snarky media might tell you.

Governor Perry is an unapologetic conservative, he see’s The Constitution as it is was intended; a glorious document that was never intended to be separated from the Christian principals that inspired it. It’s through this clear vision that our great institutions; American jurisprudence, our educational system and our economy have shined with the brightest stars. Unfortunately the democrat leadership has never recovered after the Clinton years, and instead has tried to unmoor America from her anchor of Judeo/Christian principals. Whether you agree with that progressive gambit or not, one thing is clear, our nation has been negatively affected in every one of these uniquely American institutions. Its time to revisit what made us great and Governor Perry seems to understand this.

Finally, capturing The White House will be a formidable challenge which takes me back to the movie Transformers 3. Where the hero Optimus Prime, and his Autobots take on the evil Megatron and his gang of aptly named Deceptacons. In a similar vein, even with a capitulating economy, getting a fair shake with a deceptive media will be a challenge to get Governor Perry’s fiscal common sense message out. This writer knows all too well how the poverty of pessimism which the Left will use against Perry and the American people, can often interfere with clear thinking. In the end, this election is going to be a titanic struggle of what I truly believe is America’s last chance. Governor Rick Perry is a proven success, and should be considered our best hope for The Presidency of the United States.

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