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Willard Mitt Romney was born on March 12th, 1947 and was raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, which is just outside of the city Detroit. The former businessman and now seemingly career Republican politician is the son of the former Governor of Michigan, George Romney and Mother Lenore. Mr. Romney served as the Governor of Massachusetts after being elected in 2002, and, in what seemed like a strange decision to many in the Republican Party at the time, chose not to run for reelection in 2006, and in what also may have been in anticipation of a Presidential candidacy in 2008, where he lost in the Republican primary to Senator John McCain.


Romney on the issues. *

Abortion- Total fence sitter here- from 2002 to present, Mr. Romney has stated he is both pro-life and pro-choice so many times that he simply can not be trusted on whether he supports abortion or not.

Budget and economy–  Pro-business and for cutting government waste and fraud in most cases, yet also has shown that he supports raising certain taxes to increase revenues. Closed budget gap when Governor of Massachusetts. Supports reducing America’s yearly deficits, but hasn’t stated exactly whether he would raise taxes to do so. Speeches generally include railing against big government pork and earmarks.

Civil Rights/Gay Marriage- Career politician-like fence-sitter here also. Supposedly supports traditional marriage between a man and a woman, and battled legislatively against gay marriage in 2003. Favored gays serving openly in the military. Supports benefits for gay partners but not marriage. Stated that being gay should not preclude participation in the boy scouts. Supports helping women and minorities compete fairly in the workforce.

Education- States that Bush was correct on No Child left Behind program. Supports reforming under-performing schools or replacing them with charter schools. Stated he supports school choice over fat-cat CEO’s of teachers unions in 2010. In 2002 supported abolishing the Department of Education, yet changed statement in saying he supports the NCLB in 2007. Supported English immersion and teaching abstinence in the school system in 2007.

Energy and Oil- Supports Global warming theories and has stated that we need global warming solutions, not just CAFE and U.S taxation. Stated big oil should invest profits in building oil refineries. Develop alternative energy, but also drill in ANWAR. Recently came out with stated big-time support for ethanol subsidies. Of course Mr. Romney made that statement in Des Moines, Iowa which also    happens to be the leading corn-producing State in America, and corn is the main ingredient in producing ethanol.

Foreign Policy- Believes to win the war against Jihad, we need to have friends in the Muslim world. Supports helping other countries install democracy without military intervention. Has been very vague in stating his stance on the three wars the U.S is now involved in, including Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Maybe time will tell us just what Mr. Romney would do as POTUS concerning the wars we are now involved in as the 2012 elections draw nearer. Don’t count on it. This is a huge issue concerning America in the very near future, and we need a leader, not a fence-sitter, when it comes to America’s endless war actions.

Gun Control- Supported the second amendment right to bear arms while also supporting the ban on assault weapons at the same time. Stated that he agrees with the work of the NRA, but disagrees with them sometimes. With Mr. Romneys views on supporting big government control and/or intervention over many areas of Americans lives, he could be a dangerous man to have in the White House with all the anti-gun zealots bullying our representatives today. Once the people let the government enact these types of leglislation, such as a ban on assault weapons, it always opens up the door to more oppressive laws and regulations.

Health Care– Mr. Romney has tried to say Romney-Care is different from Obama-Care, yet both are virtually identical. Supports mandating citizens to buy health insurance, which is a stealth wealth redistribution plan based in Socialism, not conservatism as he stated in Jan. 2008.  Has stated support for state-run healthcare systems based on private-market based insurance, yet Romney-Care is viewed as a collosal failure here at

Unfortunately, the program in practice has been a colossal failure, expanding state bureaucracy and government control over the health care market and provider-patient dealings, while simultaneously driving up health insurance premia, increasing health care costs, and creating a chronic shortage of providers – all at an annual price tag of over twice the originally-estimated $600 million.

Immigration- Stated support for securing the border, no amnesty and employer verification. Refused to take action against four MA sanctuary cities. Stated that tuition breaks encourage illegal immigration and facts prove that to be true. Stated that we need to make America “more attractive” to legal immigrants. Stated support for reducing federal funding for sanctuary cities that are in effect breaking Federal immigration laws in harboring illegals.

Social Security- Stated he would “try” to fix Social Security without raising taxes. Stated he favors private accounts and that he is prepared to be bold in addressing SSI problems.


Summary- Mitt Romney has the movie star looks and decent communication abilities that many moderate Republicans may find attractive in the 2012 presidential primaries, yet true Conservatives should be wary of the fence-sitting, non-defined, back and forth stances he has shown a pattern of while avoiding the hard issues facing America today. The nagging question I have about Mitt Romney as POTUS in 2012 is whether he can appear moderate enough to beat Barack Obama, and then would he be conservative enough to shut down the big government liberal nanny state agenda that will lead America into financial Armageddon? For me, it all comes down to trust, and right now the last thing we can afford to do is elect another moderate RINO that the GOP establishment deems “electable.” We need a true leader to get us out of the financial mess and troubled times we face in the upcoming years. A leader who believes in the U.S. Constitution and the strict adherence to the  rule of law in America. In short, we neeed a true American President in 2012, one who loves his country and it’s long-standing freedom and liberty acquired through the limited government mandated in our constitution.. We need an honest President who says what he means and means what he says, not one who will just say anything to get elected. Mitt Romney’s actions say he is the latter of the two.

Update: Romney announces he is in, here is his speech.


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