Tim Pawlenty’s “2012 Presidential Truth Tour”

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty announced his bid for the 2012 Republican nomination for President on Monday, and quickly jumped squarely on the chest of soon to be ex-President Barack Obama with a speech that carried one simple message: The American people deserve to have a leader who will tell them the truth about what is happening in their government today. Check out his video from timpawlenty.com that summarizes his announcement speech that he gave in Iowa on Monday. You can also drop in a donation there if you like this candidate’s message. I certainly do, and I made a donation today.

It truly is A Time for Truth in America in today. It is time we had a leader who will explain to the American people the dangers of the massive $14.5 trillion dollars of debt that we now face. We need people to understand how that debt will burden future generations of children for decades to come.

It is A Time for Truth concerning America’s illegal involvement in the Libyan Civil War, Egypt’s revolution and overthrow of the government there, and just why in the hell are we still in Iraq and Afghanistan today?

It is A Time for Truth about how the recent Obama appointed EPA and radical environmental activists with the far left Liberal agendas have crippled our ability to move forward in using our domestic energy resources, further putting us at the mercy of what are largely America-hating, foreign oil producing countries. How is that $4 dollar a gallon gasoline working out for your family?

It is A Time for Truth concerning how a self-avowed Communist Van Jones came to be working in OUR White House under the guise of being the Green Jobs Czar. Never mind the leftist lies and propaganda from the far lafet Liberals and their media puppets about how Glenn Beck somehow slandered a good man and got him fired. The Communist is on video saying it in his own words for crying out loud, wake up people. It is time for Obama and company to come clean with the truth about that swept-under-the-rug episode of treason against the American people.

It is A Time for Truth about why in the hell our federal government is suing the State of Arizona for demanding the enforcement of Federal law!

It is A Time for Truth in discussing the State-budget-crushing effects Obama-care will have on every State in the country, due to the massive mandated expansion of State medicaid rolls, not to mention the unconstitutionality of forcing people to buy a product from our incompetent, dysfunctional government that couldn’t even run a cash for clunkers program efficiently. It is also A Time for Truth on how Americans could ever become stupid enough to believe that adding 30 million people to a government-run health-care system will reduce health-care costs and result in better health-care. Tell that lie to the Seniors who have already had $500 billion dollars cut from their health-care budget just to make that scam come in under Obama’s under $1 trillion dollar cost demand. Now Obama and the Democrats are trying to say the GOP and Paul Ryan want to kill Granny by stealing her medicare.Have you people already forgotten the $500 billion dollar hit their medicare already took in the Democrat’s fake health-care reform bill that they rammed through Congress against the people’s wishes?

Finally, it is A Time for Truth about our stagnant economy, including high unemployment, and the skyrocketing food, gas, electricity and everyday cost of living today that the Obama administration and Ben Bernanke refuse to admit the truth about. Haven’t any of you dishonest politicians bought food, gas or anything else in this country lately?  Milk is now at $3.79 a gallon here in Florida, and it wasn’t long ago I paid $2.29 a gallon ! That sure as hell looks like inflation to me there. At the same time, Seniors have been refused a measly cost of living increase for two years running here! Just who does that make us think is on the side of actually caring about the Senior citizens living on a fixed income in America today? Sure as hell isn’t Obama and the Democrats when we look at those facts there. It is high time Seniors wake up and join in the conversation on just how they are being effected by Obama-nomics!

Yes Sir, I agree with Mr. Pawlenty that it certainly is A Time for Truth come the 2012 Presidential elections, and that means a truth that the Obama administration  continues to refuse to give to the American people.

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