Newt: Obama’s Failed Socialism, Rise of Texas, Collapse of Detroit

Former Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives and one of the top proven Conservatives running for President in 2012, Newt Gingrich illustrates a simple platform for beating Obama in the 2012 Presidential elections in the above video. His message is simply that Americans have the choice in 2012, between Obama’s continued far left Socialism, which has been a proven failure throughout world history, or Conservative Capitalism and Patriotism, which has led America to be the most prosperous free nation on earth. Newt will be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming Presidential elections, all the pundits and leftist slander aside. Newt is an intellect, and these types of people rarely make the same mistakes twice in life. They tend to know their facts and articulate them very well , even under the pressure of rapid-fire questions in debates on live television.

Newt Gingrich also has the deep ties with the entrenched old guard GOP  which in past years would pretty much ensure him winning the 2012 Republican nomination for President hands down. A look at the astounding results in the 2010 mid-term elections shows us that times have changed dramatically, thanks to the grassroots movement called the Tea-Party. While the GOP rode the wave of the Tea-Party support in record fashion in the massive beat-down of the Socialist Democratic party of today, and the total rejection of their big government policies, just being the choice and recipient of the old guard GOP backing and cash no longer ensures a candidate of winning anything in any election.

There is a demand for Constitutional Conservatism in America today that can not be denied, and this encompasses the all important independent voters, Libertarians, and moderate conservative voters, both fiscal and social. Newt Gingrich could very well sweep the primaries and blow out Obama in 2012, if he can manage to convey the message that he is no longer in lockstep with the progressive, RINO led, moderate GOP that has been a big part of  our massive debt problem of today. Big government Socialism is on the way out in America, and so is anyone even thinking of voting for more big government spending and more government intrusion/takeover of the private business sector. The fact is America can not afford any more debt. We need more workers, not more welfare recipients, if we are ever to recover America’s economy. In Newt’s simple message in the video above, what will America vote for in 2012, once-great Detroit’s far left Liberal wasteland, or the Texas example of free enterprise and prosperity ? The choice is simple. Vote American and vote Conservative.

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