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It has been said that the Internet makes our world smaller. We are able to connect with like-minded people at the click of a button on an electronic mouse. This is how I met Chris McCandless.

Chris and I began to follow each other on Twitter. As an avid lover of all kinds of music, I am always up for hearing new artists. When I heard Chris’ song, “Back To Basics” , my instant thought was that it is this generation’s version of “God Bless The USA”, the ever-popular anthem of the ’90’s, by Lee Greenwood.

It is now my privilege and honor to introduce you to Chris McCandless. I am sure you will find him ever bit as inspiriting, encouraging and talented as I do.

Chris is from Redding,  California, and has been in the work force for 30 years, and has always worked very hard for what he owns. He has been married to his wife, Christine, for 27 years. Chris says of Christine, “She is my rock!”

I believe Chris could be the next up and coming musician whose music could serve as an instrument to unite this torn nation. All it would take is for everyone who listens to Chris’ heartfelt, patriotic music to truly listen to the words and put the words into action.

Chris’ son served in the Army 3 years- one of those years being served in Afghanistan and lost a close friend when he was there. He joined 2 years after 9-11 happened.

It is because of Patriots like Chris’ son and his friend who lost his life that we have the freedoms we enjoy every day of our lives. Chris’ son sacrificed some when his friend gave all.

Chris’ son wears a wrist band in honor of his friend that he never takes off.

One evening, Chris was watching the news and looking at his two young grandchildren. He says he was disgusted that people in this nation want to take God out of school; remove the Pledge of Allegiance; and want absolutely no part in teaching the whole story of the history of our country rather than just part of it, slanted with the liberal agenda.  To acknowledge and teach our children that many of our founding fathers believed in the Lord is appalling to the liberals, yet this is our nation’s history.

Chris says he prayed to God that evening, asking God to give him a message to send around the country to help people wake up to what we are missing. God blessed Chris with the song,  “Back To Basics”, which you can download on iTunes.

Chris has performed “Back To Basics”at numerous events and has had a great response to this song, as well as others he has written. His wife, Christine, along with Greg Mann and Wickie Smith, all of who are involved in The Bostonian Tea Party of Redding, Ca , help him out with emails, paperwork, and much more as his music career continues to take off at an ever-increasing pace.

Chris entered “Back To Basics” in the Great American Song contest in 2010, and just received word that he has been chosen as a finalist out of 1600 song writers all over of the world.

Chris’ song, given to him by God Almighty, reminds us that we all need to get closer to the Lord and honor his glory.

Please help Chris get the Lord’s message out to our great nation.  More than ever before, this nation needs something to unite us.  I believe that music is an universal language. I pray that God will use Chris’ talent to humble this nation and bring us back to the basics that make us so great.

Here is another video of a new song by Chris

Visit Chris McCandless’ Website

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