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Allen West Townhall Interrupted- See the Left’s Plans for this Summer in Action

Recently, Unions and assorted leftist groups have been spreading word on how they plan to “protest” town-hall meetings and anything Republican or Conservative in nature. These people do not want to ask questions and then give someone a chance to answer as we see in the following video. These astroturf puppets have been given a set of things to scream at people with no knowledge of whether it is actually true. Interruption is the game, no matter how foolish they look in doing it. Take for instance the now jailed star of the latest lesson in the leftists civil discourse of today, one former Radio host of the now defunct Liberal Air America radio network, Nicole Sandler. She is the one being led away in handcuffs for the nasty rhetoric and rudeness displayed here that the left now deems the new civil discourse in America.

All of a sudden this nasty, vile, mouthpiece of the left tries to convince everyone that all she wanted was Allen West to answer her questions.(after the handcuffs are slapped on her) Is she so ignorant as to not understand that her and her cohorts are all on video tape screaming nonsense and lies just to interrupt Allen West ? It is all right there for all of America to see. Take note of the biggest lie the leftists are trying to infect America with today: ” Republicans budget plan will take away Seniors Medicare.” Anyone with an ounce of education can read Paul Ryan’s budget plan and see that it in fact, preserves medicare for future generations of Americans and doesn’t take it away from anyone. Medicare cannot continue as it now stands. Changes have to be made, yet everywhere we turn this lie is being repeated over and over, especially by the leftist media puppets. Now we shall see the leftist media puppets try to spin this nasty, uncivil incident perpetuated by a group of leftists at the West town-hall as some kind of  denial of free speech.

Town-hall style meetings are supposed to be about having a discussion about the issues the public is concerned about, not screaming nonsense and lies with the only goal being to shut down the town-hall and not let the representative talk. This is the plan of the left for this summer.They know real Americans are fed up with trillion dollars deficits and anti-American Liberal ideology. The left is desperate, just watch them here. Watch the video and listen to the new civil discourse of the left on full display here. We the people, just as Allen West says during this vile display, will not be intimidated by a loudmouthed minority from the left posing as concerned citizens. They are only fooling themselves. Share this information with everyone you know today, show them exactly what the  Obama supporters and political operatives of the left’s new civil discourse looks like. Then remember this little episode when you go to the polls in 2012. These people are against everything American, especially prosperity and freedom from an overbearing Government. I certainly know which side I will be on come Nov. 2012, and will vote against these anti-Americans every chance I get.

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Rich Mitchell

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