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Lies about Libya: The Arab Emirates are behind this war 100%

Go to fullsize image We have all seen the conflicting reports about what is happening in Libya today, and just what is the end goal ? If we try ask the supposed Commander in Chief of the U.S. Military, one Barack Hussein Obama to define this situation, we get silence and/or flat out refusal to offer any plausible explanation. Make no mistake here, we have bombed another country and that is an act of war, no matter how Obama’s PR club may try to spin it. Media spin is one thing, flat out lies are another. This is a war on another country, whether we like who is their President or not. Congress was consulted both before the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, yet they were  not even consulted before the Libyan war, let alone a vote to fund it was not held.  Obama thinks that he can just refuse to call it a war and that makes it a legal action. He  is wrong, 100%.

We were all told in the beginning, that the UAE, or United Arab Emirates were all in with this supposed U.N. plan to bomb Libya. Yet once the bombing started, we saw reports of disgust about the killing of Libyan civilians coming out of the UAE. Keep in mind that the U.S.A. is a long way from Libya, yet the Arab countries are right in Libya’s backyard, yet we saw exactly zero Arab planes involved in applying the no-fly zone right from the start. This mission was supposed to be just to knock out Ghaddafi’s anti-arircraft weapons so that a no-fly zone could be enforced, and then let the Libyans fight their own battle.  Add in the fact that it would serve the Arab countries best interests to ensure that Libya becomes a stable country, and the fact that the UAE has been missing in action up until now is quite troubling. Low and behold, now that the heavy work has been done and the no-fly zone has grounded  Ghadaffi’s air force, we see more media spin, including some directly from the Whitehouse about how the UAE are totally on board now, and will supply some warplanes. From FoxNews.com, we see the following statements today:

”  When enforcement of the no-fly zone first began, the U.A.E. hesitated to join military efforts, instead focusing on its commitment to support a humanitarian campaign.”

”  It’s been widely reported that the pledges of participation from Arab countries was a crucial factor in the Obama administration’s decision to participate in military action over Libya. “

Now that the bombing is finished and Ghadaffi’s air force has been grounded which leaves other’s responsible for the civilian deaths from said bombings, the UAE will start to help. The problem here is that Obama and the U.N. said that the UAE participation was crucial to their decision to get involved in the first place. It now becomes painfully obvious that the UAE was not fully informed about the necessary bombings in the first place here.  From that same FoxNews article we see more evidence of deceit and/or lies to cover up the true reason in the U.N original no-fly zone parameters set forth in the original resolution authorising this war:

” U.A.E. support is especially helpful after the no-fly zone was criticized by General Amr Mussa from the Arab League. He said the coalition’s actions exceeded the bounds set by the U.N. no-fly zone resolution. (emphasis mine)

So the General from the Arab League says they are exceeding the boundaries of the original U. N. resolution that authorised the no-fly zone enforcement. This is just one small example of how the true reason for the war action in Libya is being keep in secrecy. Many members of the U.S. Congress are demanding that Obama define this war and it’s end goals to no avail. The State department recently states that it is in serious discussions with the rebel party in Libya. Just what are you discussing and with whom?  What “Rebel leaders” are you talking about there ?

The Obama club bragged about honesty and transparency during the 2008 election campaign.  We sure as hell aren’t seeing any transparency in the reasons for the Libya war action that the taxpayers are being made to foot the bill for once again.  Hope and Change? What?

Hoping that you can change America into  another third world ghetto nation like your reported homeland roots, Africa? After all, the Obama race-based supporters call it historic to elect the first African-American President. Note that “African”comes first there ? This is an illegal military action directly forbidden in our U.S. Constitution, no matter what Obama tries to call it. Start the impeachment hearings today.

Cost of Defense (Trillions) Source: https://bit.ly/adk44x
FY1998 .256
FY1999 .261
FY2000 .281
FY2001 .291
FY2002 .332
FY2003 .389
FY2004 .437
FY2005 .474
FY2006 .499
FY2007 .529
FY2008 .595
FY2009 .637
FY2010 .677
FY2011 .708

While Obama and his Democrat-sheep like to say we need to cut defense spending, that lie is debunked right there. They had total control of Congress for 4 straight years, and look at that defense spending!

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