Fleebaggers can check-in but They can Never Leave

The only question remaining on the docket is whether or not Hotel California and Hotel Illinois are owned by the same company. In other words, once the Democratic Wisconsin State Senators checked in did it instantly become impossible for them to check out again? Go ahead fleebaggers and keep it up. Watching your brains explode is more than worth the price of admission! Oh, don’t bother to get up on my account – I’ll feed myself, thanks. I brought the Cheese Whiz® to go along with your whine.

Methinks the commies doth protest too much. After all, aren’t they the same diseased little rats who jammed ObamaCare down our throats? What goes around has a nasty habit of coming around you silly little Marx worshipers. It’s kind of disingenuous protesting the redistribution of the non-fiscal part of one particular Wisconsin State Senate bill when your whole mantra is to forcibly redistribute hopey changey feel-good liberalism to everybody on the planet – whether they feel the socialist love or not. Right now those unlucky-in-love Wisconsin commies have got to be a complete mish-mash of emotions – most likely a cross between Desperado and Tequila Sunrise.

Imagine the doom and gloom currently pervading booths five, six, and seven at the Hotel Illinois’ bar and grill. There must be precisely 14 cute little commie state senators drowning their sorrows on some Bitter Creek and collectively (pun intended) feeling like a Certain Kind of Fool. I’m of a completely different mindset. I don’t know about them but I’m all with the Joe Walsh vibe cuz’ Life’s Been Good to Me! Life is certainly a study in contrasts. For example, today the people of Wisconsin are drinking it up while those pinko commies are feeling totally bombed. Oh wait, that’s Libya…never mind. Let’s try it again. Let’s tune into NPR and catch the Vive on the Wisconsin collective bargaining story. Oh wait, we can’t! cuz’ Viv doesn’t even work there anymore! Be Shiller my heart! Speaking of Shiller, we could always check in at the Aspen Institute to see whatever happened to the likes of Ron the Mouth. What? He ain’t there? He quit before he even began? Bawahahahahahaha!!!!! Talk about a ship without a port! No starboard either! Bawahahahaha!!! Guess he walked the plank! Wednesday was certainly not a good day to be a socialist, was it?

I can’t resist. Weren’t we supposed to love No-CojonePonyCare after its passage? That is, after we found out what’s in it? Well, it seems that 1,328,381 people in the State of Maine finally figured out what was in it and on Wednesday they got themselves a waiver from it – all praise be to Sister Frigidaire Kathleen Sebelius. AKOTUS (Ass Kicker Of The United States) seems to have lost his mojo. He can’t even make up his mind to kick some Libyan ass let alone the asses of all those Democratic U.S. Senators who stiffed him on the Democratic national budget bill. Sucks to be you, Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers!

The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers

Perhaps we could all drown our sorrow in the flaming out of the Democratic budget bill by reciting a little federally-subsidized cowboy poetry. Oh wait, we can’t go there either! It seems Harry Reid met the Brokeback Mountain of debt and the mountain won. Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be communist poets. I guess the Gelding-In-Chief is going to have to get his long-lost nuts roasted somewhere else. Crap, can’t do that either! We’re all out of ACORNs! Oh yeah, did I remember to mention that Wednesday wasn’t a good day to be a socialist?

Didn’t we hear a few years back that Jesse Jackson wanted to cut the pecans off The Nutless Wonder? It sure looks like he succeeded. And while Jesse was doing the job it appears the blade slipped and sliced off Jessie Jr’s macadamias as well – Islands in the stream so to speak. Speaking of speaking, read Jr’s latest detour into insanity:

I asked the Congressional Research Service the other day how many jobs are tied to the First Amendment, that amendment added to the Constitution in 1791 by the founders of our Republic. You know what they told me? Congressman, it is impossible to calculate how many jobs are tied to the First Amendment.

I said: Impossible to calculate? I said: Why?

He said because to be an American is tied to the First Amendment. He said: Congressman, you must understand–which I did–that all corporate activity in America is First Amendment activity.

Look at the jobs that come from the First Amendment: Washington Post, Washington Times; New York Post, New York Times; Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times; AM/FM, and all of the radio stations, First Amendment.

ABC, NBC, CBS, C-SPAN, all of the jobs, First Amendment.

Magazines, First Amendment.

iPods, iPhones, applications, First Amendment.

Time Square, First Amendment activity. Advertising, the Super Bowl, First Amendment activity.

All of these jobs–the original capitalists who came to the conclusion that this was worth protecting in our Constitution–established in the freedom system, the greatest jobs program in our Nation’s history. They called it freedom of speech. And in that same amendment, they included freedom of religion.

Think about the jobs tied to 501(c)(3)s, 501(c)(4)s, 501(c)(5)s, all of that First Amendment activity. All charitable giving, all foundation activity, all tied to First Amendment activity.

Jessie Jr. is full of something downstairs but there isn’t a bean in his belfry – to totally misuse a phrase. But hey, he does it so why can’t I? He seems to think that the First Amendment was a grant of power to the federal government, which resulted in a multitude of jobs. In actually the First Amendment was, and is, a restriction of power against the government! So following his convoluted thinking as expressed on the floor of the House of Representatives on you guessed it, Wednesday, Jessie Jr. proposed to create scads of new jobs by passing a multitude of new amendments to the Constitution! Gee, I’m so ashamed. Why didn’t I think of that! Help me, please! If we don’t pass some new amendments like, yesterday, Guam is going to tip over! A commenter, annonyinglittletwerp, said on Hotair.com in reply to Jessie Jr’s verbal diarrhea, “The man is terminally stupid. Does he tie his own shoes?” Well, does he? How does that famous phrase go? “If the foo…” Anyway, you get the picture. And no, there aren’t any feet made that could fit that idiot’s foos! Have I told you yet that Wednesday wasn’t a good day to be a socialist?

The Socialists had The Long Run of unfortunate news on Wednesday. I Can’t Tell You Why. Well, maybe I can. Their lyin’ mouths and their Lyin’ Eyes betrayed them. They are always on the wrong side of every issue. They can’t help it. Hell Freezes Over don’t ya know. Meanwhile, we conservatives are groovin’ on our Peaceful Easy Feeling. If the commies ever repent One Of These Nights they’ll be able to Take It Easy too. But that will never happen even on a Good Day in Hell for them. Best of My Love to ya’ Kid Clueless and the Libs. Wednesday was The End of the Innocence for all of you. I suspect all you Wisconsin fleebaggers have spent The Last Worthless Evening in the Hotel Illinois. Of course, there’s still that little problem with the Wisconsin State Patrol to worry about. But let’s not discuss The Heart of the Matter today. Why? Cuz’ now its Thursday and time to do it all over again!

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