Meet the Intellect in Charge of America’s Healthcare

       I really wasn’t in much of a mood to write today, but Obamacare Chief Katherine Sebelius cried out to me for another 15 minutes of fame, so here we are. Once again an incident showing how incompetent and ridiculous certain Obama appointees can be is being downplayed by the MSM.  When they did show the following video it wasn’t shown in full context, but thanks to the internet and social media nothing slips by the people today. Here is the whole video  from Eyeblast.tv:  https://www.eyeblast.tv/public/video.aspx?v=hdqGnznzqG   Unbelievable!  Here is the text of why Obamacare is Constitutional, right from Health and Human Services Secretary Katherine Sebelius:

Sebelius: “Well, I think that the…I…let me begin by saying I’m not a lawyer. And I’m leaving those arguments to our legal team from the department of justice. But I think there are certainly lots of talented Constitutional lawyers who feel that the Commerce Clause very much is broad enough to cover the interstate commerce of healthcare and that we have a unique product because people access services of healthcare whether or not they have insurance. What they’re choosing not to do is actually pay for those services. So it isn’t like if I don’t have a 27-inch TV for the Super Bowl I can’t demand that they have the Super Bowl that somebody deliver that TV because I have a right to it. On the other hand, if I don’t have insurance and I come to the door of an emergency room I get treated and get cared for and somebody else picks up that tab. And I think it’s that framework for a layperson that the two judges who have ruled who find that this law is constitutional found to be well within scope of the commerce clause.” (emphasis mine)

     What I also find amazing here, is that Mr. Obama has appointed someone who isn’t a faux lawyer, as Sebelius deemed important enough to lead off with in her statement, while trying to sell Americans the Obamacare Socialized medicine once again. Call me dense, but I still can’t bring myself to equate the government takeover of 1/6th of the US economy to buying a TV,  let alone it’s Constitutionality.

        Here is another tidbit about about this genius that is now in charge of American healthcare: She was once the Governor of Kansas for 6 years. So much for informed voters once again.  Her father, John J. Gilligan also made his living in politics as the Governor of Ohio. Ms. Sebelius served 8 years in the Kansas leglislature and another 8 years as the Kansas Insurance Commissioner. With a degree in “Public Administration,” Ms. Sebelius somehow wound up serving as The Executive Director and Chief Lobbyist for The Kansas Trial lawyers Association. Once again an Obama appointee is another fluffy lobbyist at her roots. Every cent this career politician has made has come from the U S taxpayer one way or the other. Today she is also effectively in charge of  America’s Socialized Medicine being sold as Healthcare Reform, which is 1/6th of the entire U S economy. Take another look at the above transcript of this genius explaining to us why Obamacare is Constitutional today. That statement completely sums up Obamacare perfectly. They have no clue what they have done here, nor do they care about the disastrous effects their vaunted Socialized medicine will have on the best healthcare system in the world.

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