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House Reps Block Bill to Recover $179 Million Dollars of your money

      I realize with our yearly trillion dollar deficits today that 179 million is a small figure to the fatcats in DC today, but there is  more than first meets the eye, (or ears) here. This situation should have every hard working, tax paying American citizen demanding answers. Yesterday the house voted on a bill sponsored by Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) that would require the repayment of  money the UN had collected from the U.S and had not proven that it has spent. This tale gets stranger by the minute when we try to understand what is going on here. Something smells, and smells real bad when we take a look at the “excuses” we are being told, as to why our Government isn’t demanding this money be given back to us.

      First of all I find it quite intriguing when the only congressmen talking about this situation so far are all from New York, where the U. N Headquarters just happens to be located. They seem to be on the frontlines of this attempted cover-up.

     Rep Peter King (R-NY) gave us his insight about this situation when  the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee said the issue affected the safety of New Yorkers and the thousands of tourists who visit the landmark building. he then topped off the fear-mongering with: “The fact is this is a disaster waiting to happen,” said King, who broke with his Republican colleagues in opposing the bill. So did another New York Republican, freshman Rep. Michael Grimm. Since we are talking national security here with the new chairman of The Homeland Securtity Committee,  why are we only hearing from New York politicians? Could it be that the State of New York has an interest in sweeping this situation under the rug? Apparently so , as we will see further on in this article. This was the first clue to me that something isn’t right here, and this needs to be looked into bigtime.

    We catch a glimpse of why this bill failed with a vote of  259-169 as it needed a 2/3 majority to pass, in an article from the AP on Yahoo News* here:

” The House on Wednesday rejected a Republican-led effort to force the United Nations to give back $179 million in overpayments, falling short in the face of Obama administration arguments that much of the money already had been designated to boost security around an international headquarters susceptible to terrorist attack.”

    The United Nations has its own security counsel that is paid for out of their general funds, of which the U. S.  is the biggest contributor by far. Where did this extra money go?  We have some people saying this money has already been spent, and the President saying it has been designated to boost security. Maybe someone should ask the folks over at the U. N. to weigh in on this matter, and they did, as further on in the AP* article we have this:

” At the United Nations, spokesman Martin Nesirky declined to comment on the House vote. He noted that the United States was obliged to provide security as host country of U.N. headquarters, but said ultimately it was up to the U.S. to decide how to spend the money in the fund.”

    So here we have the U.N spokesman saying we have the money, and we have a U.S congressman saying we need to take it back from the U.N, and we have a President that says it has already been “designated.”  If this doesn’t show how incompetent our government has become, I don’t know what does here. I do know, that if you follow the money you eventually get at the roots of the corruption/malfeasance/or cause of incompetence in any situation. How did we come to “overpay” the U. N in the first place?  When people give answers and reasons for situations like this that do not make sense, it usually points to a cover-up, designated solely to hide the truth. We as American citizens need to demand the truth today, and it is our duty towards securing our future freedoms.

    Thanks to the tireless work of Ros-Lehtinen, this issue isn’t over by a long shot. This will be voted on again, and much more intense scrutiny will be given, as the people start demanding answers.  To sum this all up in her own words,  “”This is not about security,” said Ros-Lehtinen, who argued that the U.N. and the administration were looking for another excuse to avoid making tough choices.”  The State of New York and N.Y. City in particular seem to have gotten the biggest chunk of this money. They are also high on the States most likely to file bankruptcy list. Coincidence?

   In these times of economic crisis, I agree with defunding the UN entirely. They accomplish very little for the billions they rake in every year, mostly from the U. S. taxpayer. Case in point? Where are the blue helmets of the vaunted UN Peacekeepers in Egypt, Tunisia and across the globe today? Sure are lots of riots, and governments are being toppled today without any discernable U.N. action.  No more U.S. taxpayer dollars should go to the United Nations, period.

* https://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110209/ap_on_re_us/us_un_money_congress_2

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