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John Boehner’s ‘Chicken Crap’ Congress

We’ve heard of lame ducks, blue dogs, elephants and donkeys in the American version of Animal Farm – Congress.  According to House Speaker-in-Wait John Boehner (R-OH), now the chickens have come to roost .. and poop.

On Thursday, Boehner was remarking on a political maneuver by Current Speaker Nancy Pelosi to push  through a vote on a bill that would raise taxes on small businesses and families making more than $250,000 per year.  His exact response?

I’m trying to catch my breath so I don’t refer to this maneuver that’s going on today as chicken crap. But this is nonsense, right?  The election was one month ago. We’re 23 months from the next election and the games have already started to set up the next election.

This vote is coming while the President and other Democrats are supposedly working in good faith to find a compromise and is direct conflict with what Americans said at the ballot box just last month.  Even worse, 31 House democrats even signed a letter saying that no one’s taxes should be raised at this point in the recovery

Some liberals are trying to make the case that there is no need to bundle a vote on upper tax brackets with those on the lower rates.  They want to vote on some tax hikes now, and the upper-brackets later. After six years of cramming all sorts of unrelated progressive crap into single bills, now they don’t think it’s the way to go?

The takeover of education loans was stufffed into .. health care reform.  Don’t ask, don’t tell was bundled with .. the defense spending authorization.  Those things clearly should have had separate votes.  Here, it’s all about income tax.  All of it.

Leaving the upper-bracket tax decision until a later date will leave uncertainly in precisely the part of the economy that can not tolerate any more ambiguity – small business owners.  Tax tables are already formulated with everyone experiencing the Obama-Reid-Pelosi tax hike of 2011.  Kicking one bracket of taxes down the road, just to serve the far-left progressive agenda will mean that everyone would be forced to eat the liberal’s tax increase.

To the rescue .. Senate Republicans.  Just a few days ago, 41 Senate GOP members signed a letter saying that legislation such as this would be struck down.  So when Pelosi’s sheeple in the House pass this mess, it will die in the Senate, if not in committee.  Nancy should certainly realize this, so with 435 members all making $174,000 per year.  This waste of a day on Congress cost Americans an estimated $320,000 dollars.  More importantly it cost a Congress with precious few days left – one day.

Thanks for concentrating on what Americans need Speaker Pelosi.  Just Thanks for not only a lame “lame duck” session, but also one quite full of “chicken crap”.

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