The Gospel according to Barry

  1. Obama HaloIn the beginning Barry created Organizing for America and the art of the scam.
  2. And the scam was without suckers, and void in New York, East St. Louis, and Miami; and Maxine Waters was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of Barry moved upon the uptight face of the Maxine Waters.
  3. And Barry said, Let there be blight: and there was Chicago.
  4. And Barry saw the blight, that it was good: and Barry divided the blight from the African colonial socialist.
  5. And Barry called the blight Mommy, and the African colonial socialist he called Daddy. And the evening and the morning were the first day in Kenya.
  6. And Barry said, Let there be a scandal in the midst of the Maxine Waters, and let it divide the suckers from their cash.
  7. And Barry voted present, and divided the Maxine Waters which were under congressional investigation from the Congressional Black Caucus which was rightly above suspicion and it was so.
  8. And Barry called the scandal inconsequential. And the charges and the pending congressional indictment were the second day.
  9. And Barry said, Let the Maxine Waters under investigation be gathered together unto one Ethics Committee hearing, and let the Charlie Rangel appear: and it was so.
  10. And Barry called the Charlie “Rangel”; and the gathering together of the Maxine Waters called he about time: and Barry saw that it was all about acting stupidly.
  11. And Barry said, Let the earth bring forth ACORNs, the Unions yielding SEIU, and the fruit tree yielding David Plouffe after his kind, whose demon seed is in itself, upon the Democratic National Committee: and it was so.
  12. And the Plouffe brought forth funny smelling grass, and wild weed yielding seeds after his kind, and San Francisco yielding fruits, whose seed was in Larry Sinclair, after his kind: and Barry saw that it was pastel.
  13. And the Plouffe and the ACORNs were the third day.
    Obama Messiah
  14. And Barry said, Let there be Pelosi in the face of the Botox to divide the cheek bone from the nose; and let them be for signs, and even Barry saw that it was a stretch:
  15. And let Pelosi be for leadership in the halls of Congress to give guidance to my agenda, that it might get rammed down the people’s throats: and it was so.
  16. And Barry made two great blights; the greater Reid blight to rule the Senate, and the lesser Pelosi blight to rule the House of Representatives: he made the Kagan also.
  17. And Barry propped them up in Congress and the courts to shove his blight upon the sucker citizens,
  18. And to rule over the Senate and over the House of Representatives, and to divide the blight from the golf course: and Barry saw that it was 18 holes and required another vacation.
  19. And the Hairy Reed and the Nancy Botox were the fourth day.
  20. And Barry said, Let the Maxine Waters bring forth abundantly the Alan Grayson that hath no sense, and an exceedingly small brain that we may think outside the Boxer in the land of fruits and nuts.
  21. And Barry created great whales like unto Jerold Nadler and Barney Frank, and every lying moonbat creature that demanded a handout, which the Maxine Waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every whining socialist after his kind which got paid off from Obama’s stash: and Barry saw that it cost trillions of dollars – not that it mattereth one whit.
  22. And Barry blessed Barney, saying, Be fruitful, and bankrupt Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and fill the Maxine Waters in her husband’s bank director’s job, and let thy foulness multiply in the earth.
  23. And the Axelrod and the Van Jones were the fifth day.
  24. And Barry said, Let the earth bring forth Rahm Emanuel after his kind, ballerinas, and dead fish heads, and Steny Hoyer, the Beast of the East after his kind: and it was so.
  25. And Barry made the Beast of the East after his kind, and ballerinas after their kind, and every thing that creepeth through the halls of Congress after their kind: and Barry saw that it was pervasive.
  26. And Barry said, Let us make Baghdad Bob in our image, after our likeness: and let him have dominion over the Lame Stream Media, and over MSNBC in the air, and over the Olbermann, and over all Rachel Maddows, and over every Chris Matthews with a tingle up his leg.
  27. So Barry created community organizers in his own image, in the image of Barry created he him; Tony Rezko and Valerie Jarrett created he them.
  28. And Barry blessed them, and Barry said unto them, Be fruits, and multiply, and lord over the slums, and subdue them: and have dominion over the useful idiots, and over Baghdad Bob, the foulness of the air, and over every living or dead thing that registerith to vote in Chicago and beyond..
  29. And Barry said, Behold, I have given you every Czar that you needeth, which is upon the face of all federal agencies, and every regulatory body, in the which are the executive orders yielding redistributive change; to you it shall be for tofu and Kool-aid.
  30. And to every Unicorn of the earth, and to every skittle in its bag, and to environmentalist whackos that hug the trees upon the earth, wherein there is Hopeenchange, I have given every illegal green herb for good times: and it was so.
  31. And Barry saw everything that he had destroyed, and, behold, he had been very thorough. And the George Soros and the ACLU were the sixth day.

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