Protect Yourself from Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud
Casting multiple ballots is a typical voter fraud crime.

The midterm elections are just 11 days away. There is a growing suspicion among conservatives that the Marxist progressive movement will once again attempt voter fraud – only this time on an unprecedented scale. Trailing in the polls throughout the Fruited Plain, it appears the only way the Democrats are going to win some key races is if they cheat. Remember the Minnesota Senate Race that Al Franken “won?” So do tens of millions of other citizens. ACORN, infamous for voter fraud, may no longer exist as an organization. But the people who created it and worked within it still exist, they still have the same aims, and they still use the same old scams.

Just this past week we witnessed the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, committing a violation of the Illinois State laws regulating elections. Voting officials gave her a pass, citing their opinion that she didn’t realize what she was doing – essentially claiming that ignorance of the law “is” an excuse.

So what can you, an average citizen do to ensure the legitimacy of the elections? Well, there are several things. First, below, you will find the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s notice to citizens on Election Crimes. In short, if you see evidence of voter fraud, call your local office of the FBI – more information below.

Federal Election Crimes

In democratic societies like the United States, the voting process is a means by which citizens hold their government accountable, conflicts are channeled into resolutions, and power transfers peacefully. Our system of representative government works only when honest ballots are not diluted by fraudulent ballots. When elections become corrupted, democracy becomes threatened.

The FBI has a limited role in ensuring fair and free elections in the United States. Election crimes become federal cases when:

  • The ballot includes one or more federal candidates;
  • The crime involves an election official abusing his duties;
  • The crime pertains to fraudulent voter registration;
  • Voters are not U.S. citizens.

Federal election crimes fall into three broad categories:

  1. Campaign finance crimes
  2. Voter/ballot fraud
  3. Civil rights violations

Potential Federal Offenses

1. Campaign finance

  • A person gives more than $4,600 to a federal candidate (various limits apply for donations to and from committees and groups);
  • A donor asks a friend to give money to a federal candidate, promising to reimburse the friend; the friend makes the donation and the real donor reimburses him;
  • A corporation gives corporate money to a federal candidate;
  • A person who is neither a citizen nor a green card holder gives money to a federal, state, or local candidate.

2. Voter/ballot fraud

  • A voter intentionally gives false information when registering to vote;
  • A voter receives money or something of value in exchange for voting in a federal election or registering to vote;
  • Someone votes more than once in a federal election (e.g., someone mails in absentee ballots in the names of dead people);
  • An election official corrupts his or her office to benefit a candidate or party (e.g., lets unqualified voters cast ballots).

3. Civil rights violations

  • Someone threatens a voter with physical or economic harm unless the voter casts his ballot in a particular way;
  • Someone tries to prevent qualified voters from getting to the polls in a federal election;
  • A scheme exists to prevent minorities from voting.

What is NOT a federal election crime:

  • Giving voters a ride to the polls;
  • Offering voters a stamp to mail an absentee ballot;
  • Giving voters time off to vote;
  • Violating state campaign finance laws;
  • Distributing inaccurate campaign literature;
  • Campaigning too close to the polls;
  • Trying to convince an opponent to withdraw from a race.

If you think an election crime is occurring, call the election crimes coordinator at your local FBI office.

For more information on the FBI’s efforts to protect voting rights, see the Department of Justice Fact Sheet of October 31, 2008.

Of course, given the track record of the Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder, citizens shouldn’t hold their breath expecting intervention from the Justice Department on the side of truth and fairness. Voter FraudBut you still need to explore this option. The sheer number of expected election violations could very well become a public relations nightmare for the Democrats. So after you have informed the FBI or the Justice Department, give your local news organizations a telephone call. There is nothing quite like the bright glare of television lights to cause rats to scurry for the darkness.

Voters still have other means available to them. Every state government has a Board of Elections. Citizens can submit complaints directly to their state election board. Additionally, complaints can be made to your county Elections Board as well. It would probably be wise to find the telephone numbers for both your state and your country Elections Boards prior to going to vote.

Also, remember that a complaint is nothing without evidence. Take your digital camera or cell phone with you to the Voting Booth. There is nothing more powerful than video evidence of the crime being committed in progress. A word of advice to you on this subject – Submit the video evidence to your local news media and the local office of the Republication Party prior to giving it to law enforcement. Videos have been known to be erased, destroying evidence before it ever sees the light of day. Be prepared. Think Ahead.

Another avenue is to volunteer with your local Republican office to be a poll watcher. This is especially powerful if you happen to be an attorney or a member of law enforcement. There is nothing quite like the presence of an off-duty policeman or Sheriff’s Deputy, in full uniform, standing next to the election officials and watching their every move. It tends to cut down on dead people voting, the casting of multiple ballots, and ballot box stuffing.

Finally, if all else fails, dial 911. Most local law enforcement agencies are honest, trustworthy folks. They will take allegations of voter fraud seriously. Calling 911 is especially important if you see instances of voter intimidation occurring at your voting location. The Blank Panthers will likely be trying the same sort of intimidation tactics they did during the 2008 elections. Catching them doing it again will place Eric Holder right back in the hot seat, where he belongs.

Finally, if you have the financial means and the desire, you can always file a lawsuit individually, or as a class action, in the event you don’t get satisfaction from local authorities. Hopefully, the Republican Party will initiate needed lawsuits, but even if they don’t act, don’t assume that you can’t do the same.

If you are an attorney who believes in the Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers, you are encouraged to become a poll watcher, or to volunteer yourself to conservative candidates, political parties, or even individuals to provide pro bono legal services in cases of voter fraud. Some things are more important than legal fees. Defending our liberty is one of them.

One of the defining aspects of Chris Christie’s victorious election was that he amassed an army of poll watchers, including attorneys, to cover all voting locations. This cut down on voter fraud and made his victory possible.

Finally, no matter what pressure radicals such as the Black Panthers bring to bear, refuse to become intimidated. Your freedom is at stake. Evidence of that is clear in the Iraqi elections. Citizens risk torture and even death to exercise their right to vote – and they vote anyway. They know the stakes. So should we. Vote as if your life depends upon it – because it does!

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