If the Shoe, er, Book Fits…

Some obscure Arab journalist, Muntathar al-Zaidi, chucks a shoe at President George Bush and the Main Stream Media erupt in gleeful joy. They proudly proclaim that since the shoe fits, Bush will have to wear the shame of the leather, after all, Bush is the Great Satan, the anti-Christ, the purveyor of all that’s base and carnal. Bush had it coming to him – be sure to catch the prime-time special detailing Bush’s failures as a human being. Oh yeah, and why is he still breathing?

Cheesy Grin as book is tossed at him.
Obama grins while book is tossed his way.

And then what went around came around. Someone, perhaps a naked man streaking through a political rally in Philadelphia or an over exuberant fan, throws a book at Obama.  And the chickens came home to roost. Somehow it seems fitting that the book was thrown at Obama on Columbus Day. After all, Obama wants to fundamentally transform America. All Columbus did was to discover the Americas. Obama wants to CHANGE America. Columbus HOPED to find America. Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492. And Americans have tossed one (1) book at Obama – 1491 to go.

Newsflash! It seems the book tosser was just another leftist kook! Sorry, libs, but you just can’t blame this one on the Tea Party. Seems this “over exuberant fan” of Obama just wanted THE ONE to read his little book that he wrote. What could the title possibly be? How to Toss Someone under the Bus for Dummies?”

The media covered the tossing of the book, but they weren’t particularly happy about having to do it. No prime-time specials are scheduled to examine Obama’s failures that made the book tossing necessary. Geraldo hasn’t called for the burning of all books. Barney Frank hasn’t threatened to defund the publishing industry. And there is nary a word about the failure of the Secret Service to keep oddball books from launching themselves towards President Ego.

But the blogosphere can’t be fooled. People instinctually know that the book going postal is a clear sign of a failing presidency. Once again, the bloggers and their politically in-tune readers recognize a good thing when they see it – the comments completely skewer Captain Kickass:

  • I’m not in favor of any kind of threat to anyone, including the President. That said; I understand it was a copy of the US Constitution. LOL
  • So you think they threw the book at him? Wait for the impeachment it will be the whole Library of Congress.
  • “How to Screw the American People in Two Short Years or THEIR MONEY BACK” – Authors: Pelosi, Reid, DNC with interviews from Rangel and Waters!
  • Economics book? Accounting? How to make the country poorer in only 21 short months? Golf Courses around the world? How to get rid of the gray hair naturally? So many possibilities.
  • Didn’t anyone have any hard-cover books they wanted him to read or sign?
  • Hopefully, the book was Economics 101

The aforementioned reader comments on this story are indicative of the fact that Obama has lost the populace. The voters have turned against Obama and his regime. And for good reason. Almost two years into his term in office and Obama still can’t come to grips with the fact that things are happening under his watch. Obama is still obsessed with Bush, claiming that the buck stops with him. But the voters aren’t buying it any more. Obama can’t hide the fact that he is spending The United States of America into oblivion. He can’t sweep ObamaCare under the ugly rug he ordered for the Oval Office. He can’t look Congress in the eye with a straight face – as opposed to Nancy Pelosi, who most certainly can. Obama has amply demonstrated to the citizenry that he is a domestic enemy of the very country over which he presides.

This time it was just a book tossed Obama’s way. On November 2nd, it will be tens of millions of voters who will toss their ballots 180 degrees away from Obama and his cronies. The voters wish to toss Obama out of office but this time around they will have to settle for neutering Obama at the ballot box. But the next two years will pass quicker than Obama thinks it will. Next time around it won’t be a book. It will be Obama getting tossed from office. Then we can close the book on the whole sordid Obama affair.

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