CDN Predictions for Post-Health Care Reform America

No long narative, just the basic predictions:

  1. Health Care Premiums will rise at a faster rate than previously
  2. Americans will be forced to change health plans as their current plan is shut down
  3. The IRS will use “health care audit” as a reason to trigger a full audit of citizens’ finances
  4. America will lose its AAA bond rating (quality of our debt – affects how much we pay to service the debt)
  5. The national debt will accelerate, not decline (converse to Obama’s promise)
  6. Medicare cuts will not happen
  7. Medicare fraud and abuse will not be reduced
  8. Tax burdens on all Americans will be increased
  9. Doctors and other medical providers will walk away from provision of health care for anyone covered under Medicaid/Medicare
  10. Doctors will walk away from practicing medicine
  11. States will be forced to cut other programs to be able to handle the new load of Medicaid patients the bill requires (education, transportation, infrastructure, culture and arts will suffer)
  12. Obama will reverse his executive order that prevents public spending on abortion (or amends it to the same effect)
  13. As providers and insurers are forced out of the market due to the plan, Democrats will present full-on government-run health care (single payor)
  14. Congress will become increasingly disassociated from those it represents (polls vs. action)
  15. Democrats will lose both Houses of Congress
  16. Obama will lose his bid for re-election

I wish I could predict that health care reform would be repealed.  I cannot.  It will live on, I can only hope that it will be amended into something useful.  Its current form is expensive, ineffective, and dishonest.

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Rich Mitchell

Rich Mitchell is the editor-in-chief of Conservative Daily News and the president of Bald Eagle Media, LLC. His posts may contain opinions that are his own and are not necessarily shared by Bald Eagle Media, CDN, staff or .. much of anyone else. Find him on twitter, facebook and

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