Glass Houses and Rocks Easily Thrown

glass House
glass House

Liberals are going full-court press with racism. The idea of intelligent debate and discussing real issues has left the building. Conservatives must realize their current strengths and ignore these tactics. When called a racist, ignore and re-ask your question. Whatever your you asked pushed them in a corner and they threw out the race card.

For decades liberals have presented themselves as premier debaters, highly-educated mentors, the true elite. Most conservatives were happy-enough providing for families, starting businesses and getting along that they just let the noise continue.

Now is the time where the noise may cost you. Listen to the messages, interpret them. If they are simply insulting, move on. It simply means they cannot debate and have no decent message. SEIU, NEA, Steel workers, Auto workers, health care unions, ACORN… they control the liberal congress and media. They are irrelevant and just don’t know it yet.

Yesterday, former-President Carter communicated that most of the opposition to Obama is racist. Mr. Carter, you have no more a clue now than you did when you screwed this nation into the ground in the 70s.

12% of Americans agree with Carter. The rest of us do not despise Barack Obama, we abhor his ideas, ideals and politics. Do not confuse dissension with hate. We do not hate him, we are counting the days down until we get to vote him and the liberal congress out of office.

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Rich Mitchell

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