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Presidential Proclamation — National Hunting and Fishing Day, 2013

NATIONAL HUNTING AND FISHING DAY, 2013 – – – – – – – BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION   Through hunting and fishing, in traditions handed down from generation to generation, families strengthen their bonds and individuals forge connections with the great outdoors. They rise before dawn to cast a line on a misty ...

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President Obama’s Statement on the Death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

How lovely he cares so much! Within moments of Hugo Chavez’s passing, Barack Obama releases a statement. Yet, it’s been a little more than a month since a real American hero- Chris Kyle’s tragic death, and not a single word has been spoken! What a disgrace!   From The White House:     At this challenging time of President Hugo ...

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Michelle Obama Op-ed: The Business Case for Healthier Food Options

She jumps feet first into a writing career to push her agenda! The full text of the op-ed by First Lady Michelle Obama is printed below. The piece is published today in The Wall Street Journal and can be found HERE. The Business Case for Healthier Food Options By First Lady Michelle Obama For years, America’s childhood obesity crisis was viewed as an ...

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Michelle Obama takes over recipe websites

  She wants to get her hooks into you at every turn!         In another, “do as I say, not as I do” moment from Michelle Obama, The White House has announced that she is “collaborating” with several online recipe sites  “in support of Let’s Move! to make it easier for their millions of online visitors to put nutritious meals ...

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White House Release: President Obama on the Sequester

South Court Auditorium 10:50 A.M. EST THE PRESIDENT:  Good morning, everybody.  (Applause.)  Please have a seat.  Well, welcome to the White House. As I said in my State of the Union address last week, our top priority must be to do everything we can to grow the economy and create good, middle-class jobs.  That’s our top priority.  That’s our North ...

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Obama Proclaims His Inauguration Day A National Holiday

It appears as though there is a new National Holiday- “National Day of Hope and Resolve”. This is the White House Release on Obama’s Proclamation for yesterday, the day of his second inauguration. The pomp and circumstance isn’t enough, he needs to remind the entire country that it’s ALL about him. NATIONAL DAY OF HOPE AND RESOLVE, 2013 – – ...

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