Connecticut legislators agree to severe restrictions on firearms, ammo

By | April 2, 2013

In a move likely to further increase the already-record demand for guns, magazines and ammunition, a bi-partisan group of Connecticut legislators has agreed on a sweeping new set of gun laws for their citizens.

The agreed-to framework contains provisions that will limit magazine sizes, add more than 100 new firearms to the banned list and creates a set of new permits required before even a simple hunting rifle or plinking ammunition may be purchased. The proposal also makes improvements to the state’s mental health system and prevents violent criminals from being released early.

Experts have stated that the only provision likely to prevent any crime is the early release section.

The magazine limit will prohibit the sale or purchase of any magazine over 10 round capacity. Anyone already owning higher-capacity magazines may keep them, but not load them above the 10 round legal limit. 11+ round magazines will also be required by law to be registered.

The registration requirement has some serious flaws. Magazines don’t typically have serial numbers or much in the way of any individual identifying characteristics.

The list of newly banned firearms has not yet been released, but likely includes some or all of those that Sen. Feinstein sought to ban in her federal legislation (shown by Daily Caller screenshot below.)

Guns in the gun ban

In a move unprecedented in other gun bans, the Connecticut group chose to create further obstacles to gun ownership and the purchase of ammunition. In order to purchase any long gun in the state, prospective buyers will need to secure a “long gun eligibility permit.” Previously, only those wishing to purchase a handgun were required to go through the onerous process of asking the government for permission to buy.

The ammunition eligibility certificate is a step beyond restrictions anywhere in the nation. In order to purchase any ammunition for any rifle, shotgun or pistol, the purchaser must have received prior permission from the issuing authority in the form of either a handgun permit, long gun eligibility certificate, concealed carry license or the brand new “ammunition eligibility certificate.”

Even if a hunter never expected to need a permit to purchase, he or she will now even to just go zero in that old rifle.

The new regulations would go into effect in October 2013, just in time for the 2013-14 hunting season. To avoid having to deal with the burden of the new regulations, many are likely to hoard years worth of ammunition and magazines over then next few weeks and months which will certainly make the current shortage of firearms, ammunition and accessories even worse. Not only will those living in Connecticut likely be stripping local gun stores bare, those in other states that might consider similar legislation will soon also be loading closets and cabinets with whatever is available.

The current nationwide shortage of everything used in the shooting sports is likely to continue for awhile longer.

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