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2 thoughts on “The West is the Best, But May Die Like the Rest

  1. Jan Brown

    Would not, “private properities’ include also the allegories that direct our philosophical morays & values and allow the material properties establish the ‘outposts of defense’? If accepted, then it is resonable to suggest that these layers armed with knowledge & understanding could, indeed, escape capture & resist the enticements offered by the elitest goverment. This is suggested by those that while held in isolation, deprived of all comforts for long periods of time who live to tell stories how they kept alive & with hope by clinging to memories that had been stored. And how this made the physical pain tolerable & sanity retained. Correctly, we must increase our own knowledge & influnce others (quickly it appears) so that ‘a few good men’ remain standing. Having defined the root cause, the question remains how do you ‘do this’ Since the difficulty in regearing the brain cells of the ‘entrenched’ is likened to brushing a hen’s teeth, perhaps, while teaching the young, we can resort to turning their own tactic back in their face…even if if means tossing paper dollars by the fist full…throughly enjoyed this ‘they’ say “you done good’

  2. Pausch

    Whenever we continue such as we are, well then what?A rapidly maximizing population, a small number of good work opportunities being built, stagnant or maybe decreasing incomes for most of us though costs keep rise?Were spiralling straight down. What comprehensive and authentic plan possesses ever been supposed to save you and me?I think many people would get survival and additionally prosperity over Walmarts and cheap imports.

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