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Don’t Fall for Obamacare’s Pre-existing Conditions Mandate

Here it is… the final installment in my brilliant “Insurance Trilogy.”

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  1. As a former business owner I love the idea of pre-existing condition coverage. I would pay no premiums on anybody, maybe ever cover office calls out of pocket as employer. (a form of self-insurance) It would be a lot cheaper than the insurance premiums, them when something serious and costly happened BAM buy insurance that they would have to sell me. It would be wonderful until we drove all the Ins. Co. out of business, but then the Gov’t would have to step in and bail them out because they caused the problems just like what the did with CRA and the mortgage crisis and to some extent the auto co problems.

    That is pro-(certain)business NOT pro-capitalism. Pro-certain business is in effect socialism and we all pay more for lower quality. WAKE UP AMERICA…