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Congratulations, Stupid!

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  1. “We aren’t the voting majority.” No doubt. Too many are selling their angst instead of their message.

    “”The general public is addicted to 30 second sound bites, and call it education.”

    A) that should be ‘bytes’ (remember, you love me ;p) and B) You are so right – I was wandering around last night muttering to myself about exactly the same thing. And both sides fall for it. They don’t look for context, or source articles, or parse the difference between a ‘percentage of GDP’ in an economy the size of America’s & an economy the size of Slovakia’s – I mean, really? So many just swallow hook, line and sinker whatever they’re spoon-fed it makes me insane.

    Other hypocrisies kind of get me too. An example is Pawlenty being dinged for not hitting Romney w/’Romneycare’ after the Sunday show. Well, Paul did a moneybomb targeting Romney on his hcr Sunday too, and neither did he. Neither did any of the other candidates. Should he have? Perhaps, but I got the sense they were ALL being very 11th Commandment-y that night. And while Pawlenty is being labeled as ‘too nice’, he has slammed Obama hard every time I’ve seen him, and put together a pretty aggressive plan knowing it’s a hard target for the opposition.

    I didn’t get any of the take-away’s from the debate I keep hearing about & I’m not necessarily in Pawlenty’s corner either – I just don’t think Romney’s the threat he’s made out to be in early polling. He’s not the hill they all have to take – imo he’ll slide in polls soon enough under his own weight & I’m not losing any sleep over it.

  2. Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777)

    Great stuff! More people need to see this!