Canadian’s Keep Ban on “False News” – MSNBC Loses Last Hope

By | March 1, 2011

Last week, the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CTRC) killed a decade old inquiry into whether the long-time ban against false or misleading news should stand.

Despite a misleading (a.k.a. false?) publication on HuffPo, The original request to review the policy came from a parliamentary committee more than ten years ago, not the current Conservative Prime Minister.

Indeed, the broadcast regulator now says it never wanted the regulatory change in the first place and was only responding to orders from a parliamentary committee.[1]

I’m not Canadian so if they want to have government-approved drivel blown up their butts on a regular basis, more power to them! That’s what the Chinese and Iranians get to watch.

I prefer having the choice to ignore Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow et al. And judging by MSNBC’s ratings, so do almost all Americans that don’t live in the mother’s house or live off the government.

MSNBC might have done very well in Canada, but we will never know – thanks to the CTRC.

[1]False News Proposal Killed by CRTC –

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3 thoughts on “Canadian’s Keep Ban on “False News” – MSNBC Loses Last Hope

  1. Bob Villa

    so, the plural of canadian is canadians, not canadian’s. the latter is possessive.

  2. AG

    MSNBC not banned, nor is Fox News.
    Canadian owned Sun TV, aka Fox News North was banned
    Canada holds Canadian owned TV-radio to a higher standard than the US. We’re stuck with the mindless dribble from Fox/MSNBC and website

  3. Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777) Post author

    I lived in Montreal Quebec for 5 years. While they seemed stuck in the back ages there, they also weren’t involved in politics as much as the rest of the country was IMO. While they are very liberal up there, they still have a basic form of old school honesty ruling the news, which is a good thing when we look at what our media has promoted here, like a cheap never-ending commercial for the most UnAmerican President in U. S./ History. Our media are running info-mercials for the cheap suit-Obama 24/7.

    I know Canada looks at the U.S for examples of what they do not want to happen in their country. They have proven they will not allow media lies and spin influencing their people. This says alot about our false news Obama pimps here today.

    Way to go Canada.

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