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Bill Clinton Reportedly HATED Hillary’s Book So Much He Threw it the Garbage

In a long overdue comeuppance for the Democrats and their Hollywood allies, the bad news just keeps piling up. Mega-donor and Tinsel Town tyrant Harvey Weinstein was outed as a decades-long sexual predator via a previously suppressed New York Times expose that detailed the Democratic party’s mega-donors vile history of sexual depravity and bullying of women who only wanted to ...

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Unhinged Hillary Wanted to Make Voodoo Dolls of Critics

The 512-page outpouring of radioactive bile that is Hillary Clinton’s magnum opus What Happened? was released on Tuesday and the people who are mining it for juicy details are continuing to produce tantalizing tidbits of the workings of a truly diseased mind. Most of the already deeply discounted book that could be more accurately entitled Her Kampf has been a mishmash ...

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Hillary’s New Book Being Sold at Deep Discount

Hillary Clinton odd face

Hillary Clinton‘s new book What Happened is being sold at a 40% discount to the publisher’s suggested price. Clinton’s newest book is being heavily discounted by book retailers on its first day on sale in hopes of selling the books instead of having to box them up and send them back to the publisher. Amazon.com has the book listed at $17.99 ...

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