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Nothing’s Free

Mitt Romney’s new campaign ad- YouTube Description: President Obama’s healthcare law has come at a high cost. Whether it is taxing wheelchairs and pacemakers or cutting Medicare, free healthcare has come at a very high price.

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“I Just Flirted With The President of The United States of America”

The newest RNC ad, which they make perfectly clear is not a parody. This is an actual interview with President Obama. I’m sure all of the American people who are unemployed, the small business owners who Obama says “didn’t build that” business are quite impressed with his favorite food, favorite song to work out to, or what super power he would like ...

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8-Year-Old Denied Entry Into Obama Event

This dad got to see first hand the lies that are are Barack Obama! Maybe he will open his eyes… the end of the interview gives us a bit of hope. But, then again, I’m sure Obama will turn this into a HUGE campaign photo-op, call the girl up, meet with her one-on-one. She and her dad are more than ...

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Nancy Pelosi Sees Dead People… Or is she just crazy?

We all know Nancy Pelosi has a flair for the dramatic, but this one takes the cake! In this video, she explains to a gathering of the Women’s Political Committee that the ghosts of women’s suffragists Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Alice Paul once spoke to her at the White House during a meeting with President George W. Bush. ...

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“Run, Hide, Fight” Shooting Survival Video

The city of Houston, Texas, has created a controversial, and graphic video with instructions on what to do if you are in a place where a shooting is going on. The video is a reenactment of a heavily armed man going on a shooting spree in an office. The video was produced with a $200,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland ...

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Conservative rockers “Madison Rising” kick-off financing drive

Madison Rising kicks off money raiser

CDN Radio has interviewed members of Madison Rising on the air and CDN has posted several of the band’s videos to the site in hopes of sharing the work of a group of great Conservative rockers. Now they need help getting their new tour kicked-off and we’re all-too-glad to help. Wanted to let you know that Madison Rising has launched ...

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New Romney Ad: Time for a Change

President Obama proudly proclaimed that his economic plan had "worked." Though with a decline in median household income and forty-one straight months of unemployment above eight percent, it's hard to see how it has been a success. It's time for a change. America needs a new president.

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