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The Latest News about The Mueller Report

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Breaking News: Mueller Report Finds No Trump-Russia Collusion Your “nothing burger” has been served. Yesterday, AG Barr released his summary of the Mueller report into the Russian collusion with the Trump campaign and found no evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice. And Trump is ready to start his own investigation: “It was just announced, there was no collusion with ...

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John Brennan Relieved At Mueller Findings, Says Suspicions Were Wrong

Former CIA Director John Brennan said Monday morning that he was “relieved” by the Attorney General’s summary of the Mueller report, admitting the findings presented less than he anticipated in terms of criminal activity. “Well, I don’t know if I received bad information but I suspected there was more than there actually was. I am relieved that it’s been determined ...

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House Democrat Lists Problems Her Party Will Face After Mueller Findings

Democratic Rep. Madeleine Dean of Pennsylvania listed special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings from the Russia probe on CNN Monday, and it’s not good news for Democrats. “My reaction is a couple of things. We ought to recognize something good. Number one, special counsel Mueller completed his investigation with a team of able investigators and prosecutors, and I’m thankful that that ...

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Here’s How Many Articles, Likes And Shares The Mueller Probe Has Fueled Since Its Inception

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation has fueled 533,074 web articles since its inception in May 2017, according to NewsWhip data cited by Axios. After nearly two years of saturated media coverage of the topic, Attorney General William Barr delivered a report of the special counsel’s investigation to Congress Sunday. Barr wrote in a memo that the special counsel found ...

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Democrats Guaranteed Trump-Russia Collusion. Mueller Couldn’t Find It

High-profile Democrats repeatedly promised the public they would see evidence of collusion between President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia. But Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia’s 2016 election meddling, according to a four-page letter that Attorney General William Barr sent to Congress on Sunday. “The Special Counsel’s investigation did ...

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Justice Department Delivers Mueller Conclusions To Congress – No Collusion

Robert Mueller

Attorney General William Barr delivered a report of the special counsel’s Russia investigation to Congress on Sunday. Barr sent a summary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to the chairmen and ranking members of the Senate and House Judiciary Committees, who could soon release details to the public. DOJ has just sent us a very brief letter about the Mueller ...

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The Mueller Report: Two Years Of A Hoax

 Greg Jarett, Fox News Attorney, has a best- selling book out titled “The Russia Hoax: The Plan to Exonerate Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump” and that’s just what happened. Right before the election Hillary’s manager John Podesta said, “If Hilary loses we’ll blame the Russians.” Well Hilary lost and they blamed collusion by Trump with Russia when it was ...

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FLASHBACK: John Brennan Predicted Additional Mueller Indictments Just Two Weeks Ago

Former Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan predicted just two short weeks ago that President Trump’s family members or associates would be indicted in the special counsel’s probe, a forecast that proved far off the mark on Friday after Robert Mueller ended his investigation without issuing new indictments. During an appearance on MSNBC on March 5, Brennan predicted that Mueller ...

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No More Indictments Coming From Mueller, Undercutting Trump Critics’ Hopes For Russia Probe

Robert Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller will not issue any additional indictments in the Russia investigation and has not filed any charges under seal, a senior Justice Department official told news outlets Friday. The revelation would seem to be a positive sign for President Donald Trump and several Trump associates who faced legal jeopardy in the Mueller probe. It also means that ...

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Breaking: Mueller Submits Trump-Russia Collusion Report To Justice Department

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller has submitted his report of the Russia investigation to Attorney General William Barr, numerous news outlets are reporting. Washington Post reporter Ellen Nakashima first broke the news on Twitter. BREAKING: The House Judiciary Committee is told to expect notification by 5pm that the Mueller report has been delivered to Barr — Ellen Nakashima (@nakashimae) March 22, ...

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Comey Leaked Memos In Order To Spark Mueller Probe. Now He Says He Doesn’t Care What Investigation Uncovers

James Comey claimed in an op-ed Thursday that he does not care one way or the other whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller finds evidence that President Trump conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election or obstructed the FBI’s collusion probe. But the claim, which Comey made in the New York Times, is at odds with the former FBI director’s ...

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Mueller Madness: Here’s What To Know About The Special Counsel’s Report

With the Mueller report expected to drop any day now, here is a guide to what the special counsel has investigated and how this heavily-anticipated document will be released. Spoiler alert: a lot of questions about the report’s release and its contents have no clear answer. That’s largely a function of the lack of leaks from the special counsel’s office ...

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Trump: ‘I Don’t Mind’ If Public Sees Mueller Report

President Donald Trump on Wednesday criticized the forthcoming report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but said that he has no qualms about the document being made public. “Let it come out. Let people see it. That’s up to the attorney general,” Trump told reporters outside the White House. “We have a very good attorney general. He’s a very highly respected ...

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