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Here’s Why Trey Gowdy Opposes Release Of Mueller Report

Trey Gowdy Hillary CLinton

Former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy said Saturday that he disagrees with congressional Republicans who want the special counsel’s Russia report to be made public. “I’m in a really small minority, Neil,” Gowdy said in an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto. “I don’t think the report should be released at all and I’m frankly surprised so many Republicans think ...

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Senate Intelligence Member Angus King Says He Still Does Not Accept Mueller Report Of No Collusion

Senate Intelligence Committee member Angus King (I-ME) said he does not accept Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings of zero collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, saying the Senate has not completed their investigation. In a Friday interview, which is set to air on “Firing Line” with Margaret Hoover on PBS, the Maine Democrat says the committee is still looking ...

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Watch: Real Collusion Was Between Media and Democrats

A new video out Thursday shows how the media and Democrats spent the last two years in the only true collusion campaign. While Democrats and media pundits repeatedly talked of “evidence of collusion” and “definite collusion” the hosts on the platforms failed to question their evidence or sources. Then, the Mueller Report came out. Oops. That, my friends, is evidence ...

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Comey Accepts Mueller Finding On Collusion, Defends Opening Russia Probe Anyway

James Comey says that it is “good news” that Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government. But in an interview that aired Wednesday, the former FBI director also defended opening the probe, saying that there was “enough smoke” that the bureau had to investigate whether Trump associates conspired with the Kremlin ...

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‘Weeks, Not Months’ Before DOJ Releases Public Version Of Mueller Report

The Justice Department plans to take “weeks” and “not months” to provide a version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report to Congress and the public. A Justice Department official told news outlets Tuesday that there are no plans to send the report to the White House before Congress. The final report will likely be scrubbed of any grand jury ...

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Watch Trump: This should never happen to a president again

President Donald Trump took questions from reporters just before attending a Republican Policy Lunch on Capitol Hill and during the exhange he said that what Democrats and the media have done to him over false collusion claims shouldn’t ever happen again. “This should never happen to a president again,” he told reporters. The Mueller Special Counsel report said that neither ...

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Six Democratic House Chairs Demand Barr Release The Mueller Report, And They’ve Given A Deadline

Six Democratic committee chairmen are demanding Attorney General William Barr turn over the full grand jury report on Russian interference in the 2016 election to Congress by April 2. The Democratic chairmen of the House Judiciary, Oversight, Intelligence, Financial Services, Ways and Means, and Foreign Affairs Committees cosigned a letter to Barr Monday, a day after Barr detailed the major ...

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McConnell Blocks Unanimous House Resolution To Release Mueller Report

Mitch McConnell

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked a vote Monday calling for the public release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. The Kentucky Republican claimed the Department of Justice needs more time to determine which parts can be released publicly, The Hill reported. The measure, which passed unanimously in the House 420-0 on March 14, as reported by The Hill, ...

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MSNBC Panel Admits Mueller Report ‘Undercuts Almost Everything’ In Steele Dossier

The two journalists most closely linked to the Steele dossier acknowledged Monday that the Democrat-funded document was debunked by the Mueller investigation, which found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government. “I think one of the reasons people were so surprised by the Mueller finding is that it undercuts almost everything that was in the dossier, ...

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After Mueller Report It’s Time To Investigate The Other Side!!!

      Stick a fork in impeachment. It’s dead. Victory doesn’t get any sweeter for the winners.  Or more important for our country. The results of the probe by special counsel Robert Mueller are a tremendous vindication for President Trump and the many millions of Americans who never doubted his innocence. The findings prove, once and for all time, that he won ...

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Kellyanne Calls For A Big Name Resignation In Wake Of Mueller Report

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway called on Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California to resign Monday after the release of Robert Mueller’s Russia report. “When you’re talking about collusion and talking to Russia, and conspiracies and obstruction of justice for two years with no proof other than people leaking to you or you just, you just guffawing with the anchor ...

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Collusion Delusion: The 7 Conspiracy Theories That Weren’t

Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence that the Trump campaign or any Trump associates conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election. That finding deals a heavy blow to Democrats and some in the media who have pushed at least seven different theories of collusion over the past two-plus years. Many of those theories derived from the infamous Steele ...

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McClatchy Stands By Disputed Cohen-Prague Story After Mueller Finds No Collusion

McClatchy is standing by a disputed report alleging that Michael Cohen visited Prague in 2016, a spokeswoman for the news organization told The Daily Caller News Foundation Monday. McClatchy reported in April 2018 that special counsel Robert Mueller had obtained evidence of Cohen’s visit to the Czech Republic. The report, which relied on two unnamed sources, appeared to confirm a key point ...

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The Mueller Witch Hunt Is Over, Now We Need To Punish The Democrat Witches That Created It

House Democrat Adam Schiff stated that he had seen the evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia, and his fellow Democrat, Eric Swalwell, has frequently stated that the evidence of Trump’s guilt was obvious. They are both political, partisan liars who have been proven wrong, now that the Mueller investigation has been closed with no charges against Trump. But the Democrats ...

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Happy No Collusion Day! – A.F. Branco Cartoon

After 2 years and approximately 30 million dollars later Adam Schiff, the Democrats, and the entire mainstream media has been proven wrong. There was no Russian Collusion or obstruction. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019. See more Branco toons HERE

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