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London Terror: Multiple casualties, ‘shots fired’, vehicles, knives …

London Borough Market London Bridge terror

Seven people are confirmed dead and more than 45 others have been hurt, 21 critically, in what British Transport police are referring to as acts of terror involving a knife and a vehicle late Saturday evening. Police have shot 3 terrorists dead and may have killed one innocent bystander by accident. *this is a breaking news story and will be updated ...

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First Laptop Terror Attack Against U.S. Plane Thwarted by Passengers

American Airlines

A Turkish man was arrested after loitering near the cockpit of an American Airlines flight. The unidentified man, carrying a laptop,  was standing near a front restroom and when the flight crew asked him to return to his seat, he refused. When he lunged at the cockpit door, passengers stepped in and subdued the man separating him from his laptop. ...

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Hezbollah linked Venezuelan VP led illegal issuance of 10,000 passports to Syrians and Iranians

Venezuelan passports

Vladimir Medrano Rengifo, former Director General of the Venezuelan Office of Identification, Migration, and Aliens told reporters that the Maduro government issued over 10,000 Venezuelan passports to Syrian and Iranian foreign nationals. Renfigo says that the operation was headed by Vice President Tareck El Aissami who has close ties to the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah according to an El Nuevo Herald report. ...

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Fresno shooting spree was terrorism

Kori Ali Muhammad

The Fresno police department and American media outlets have wrongly removed terrorism from consideration as a motive for a killing spree in Fresno, CA over the past week. Kori Ali Muhammad allegedly killed four white men on a shooting spree that began last Thursday and according to the Fresno police chief, terrorism is not suspected. Removing terrorism as a motive ...

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LONDON TERROR: Attack being treated as Terrorism, at least five dead, 40 injured

westminster bridge and parliament attack

*this is a developing story and will be updated as details become available* Police opened fire, shot and killed a knife-wielding man outside the Houses of Parliament in London, England. Scottland Yard is treating this incident as a terrorist attack, during which four people have died and dozens more are injured – some “catastrophically.” At approximately 2:30 pm local time/10:30 am Eastern ...

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Massive Arsenal Intended for Terrorists Seized in Spain

Spanish arsenal seizure

The Spanish National Police has released pictures and video of an arsenal of war seized in January in the Spanish provinces of Bizkaia, Girona and Cantabria, Spain during operation ‘Portu’, supported by Europol. Over 10 000 assault rifles, anti-aerial machine guns, 400 shells, grenades, pistols, revolvers and parts to reactivate weapons, were seized. Most of the firearms were acquired legally ...

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Pope Francis: No Such Thing As Muslim Terrorism. Oh Yeah???

                  Pope Francis said Friday that all of the world’s major religions are susceptible to violent radicalism and that there is no meaningful distinction between the various ideologies. “Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist. They do not exist,” Francis said. It’s easy ...

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White House: Terror Attacks Underreported

White House

Speaking at MacDill Air Force Base Monday afternoon, President Trump rattled off a list of attacks carried out by “radical Islamic terrorists” that he felt were not being adequately reported by the media. The president’s list included Sept. 11 and the violence in Orlando, San Bernardino, and in France. “It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported,” Trump told ...

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Videos of Melbourne Car Assaulter Show Erratic Behavior Before Driving Through Crowd

Melbourne Bourke Street Vehicular Murder

A car being driven in an erratic fashion killed at least 3 people and injured another 20 in Melbourne, Australia. The key info: three dead 20 injured (including four taken to Royal Children’s Hospital) one arrested a car ran down multiple passengers along Bourke Street in the CBD. police say the attack was not terror-related the attack appears to be ...

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Ft. Lauderdale Shooter Investigated Several Times Prior to Shooting

Esteban Santiago Fort Lauderdale shooting suspect

Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting suspect Esteban Santiago had been investigated several times by different agencies prior to his murderous rampage on Friday. Private Santiago had reportedly been investigated multiple times by Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and the Anchorage field office of the F.B.I. It is known that Santiago had been discharged from the military for underperformance, but the reasons ...

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Images released of suspected Turkish nightclub terrorist

Selfies and security camera images have been released of the suspected Reina nightclub terrorist that killed at least 39 people and injured many more. First are a set of selfies the ISIS radical Islamic terrorist took of himself. Footage has also been released that appears to show the Islamic radical terrorist going through a checkpoint prior to entering Turkey.

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New Year’s Terror: Attacker Kills at Least 35 People in Turkish Night Club

Instanbul, Turkey Reina nightclub attack

Even with increased security, terrorists struck a nightclub in Istanbul Turkey early on New Year’s Day killing dozens and injuring more. At least 35 people have been reported killed and another 40 injured when a lone gunman, reportedly dressed in a Santa suit, armed with a “long range weapon” opened fire in the Reina nightclub in Istanbul. The following video ...

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