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Treasury Dept Refuses To Cough Up Trump’s Tax Returns, Setting Up A Possible SCOTUS Showdown

The Treasury Department refused to provide House Democrats access to President Donald Trump’s tax returns, The New York Times reported Monday. “As you have recognized, the committee’s request is unprecedented, and it presents serious constitutional questions, the resolution of which may have lasting consequences for all taxpayers,” Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, wrote in a letter to Democratic Rep. Richard ...

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Democrats Want Trump’s Tax Returns, But Face Big Hurdle To Get Them

Trump taxes

House Democrats going after President Donald Trump’s tax returns will have to provide a legitimate legislative reason to answer why they want them should the Democrats take their quest to the courts. Democrats say it is their responsibility to oversee the IRS and how it is auditing Trump’s tax returns. Republicans say the request is politically motivated. But even though ...

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NY Lawmakers To Introduce Bill That Would Force Trump To Release State Tax Returns

Trump taxes

Democratic New York lawmakers are set on obtaining President Donald Trump’s tax returns and will propose this week yet another bill aimed at doing so despite a number of failed previous efforts at the federal level. New York lawmakers are seeking the president’s state tax returns rather than federal tax returns in an effort to access information that they believe ...

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Grassley Explains Why He Doesn’t Want To See Trump’s Tax Returns

Sen. Chuck Grassley explained why he wasn’t interested in seeing President Donald Trump’s personal tax returns, on “Fox & Friends” Monday. “Listen, you’re asking me as chairman of the Finance Committee, we would have an opportunity to see [Trump’s tax returns] too. I don’t want to see them,” he said. “I am not going to request them. And you’re asking ...

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Mick Mulvaney Says Democrats Will ‘Never’ See Trump’s Tax Returns

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney says Democrats will never get to see President Donald Trump’s tax returns, as they continue to push for Trump to release them. In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Mulvaney said Democrats in Congress will “never” succeed in obtaining Trump’s tax returns, saying “no, never. Nor should they.” Mulvaney mentioned how House ...

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Trump Hires Lawyers To Fight Democrat’s Request For Tax Returns

Donald Trump success

President Donald Trump has hired attorneys to fight a congressional request for his tax returns, according to a letter made public on Friday. In a letter to the IRS’s general counsel, William S. Consovoy, of the firm Consovoy McCarthy Park PLLC., argued that Congress “cannot legally request — and the IRS cannot legally divulge” Trump’s tax returns without what he ...

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Justice Department Warns Taxpayers to Avoid Unscrupulous Tax Return Preparers

As tax filing season begins, the Department of Justice warns taxpayers to beware of unscrupulous tax return preparers. The Department of Justice applies both civil and criminal tools at its disposal to shut down illegal tax return preparation activity. Taxpayers should always remain wary of tax return preparers who claim they can obtain larger refunds than others or engage in ...

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Service Members Reap Benefits of Tax Law Changes

Recent changes in tax law mean that many in uniform could see big returns when they file their 2018 taxes. “This last tax year has been quite exciting with all of the changes that occurred to it,” said Army Lt. Col. David Dulaney, executive director of the Armed Forces Tax Council. “The good news is that most of our service ...

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Mitt Romney: It’s Disqualifying for a candidate not to release tax returns…

Mitt Romney

Former Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney believes he has found the way to knock Trump out of contention for the nomination – disqualification based on a rule no one can find … anywhere. Romney posted this magically-appearing rule on Facebook Wednesday afternoon along with a rant about why Trump should fall in-line with his rule. “It is disqualifying for a modern-day ...

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Obama Releases Ad Questioning If Romney Paid Taxes

Amidst the controversy over Harry Reid’s claim that a Bain Capital employee told him Mitt Romney has failed to pay taxes over the past 10 years, President Obama has remained noticably silent. Until now. A new ad entitled ‘Son of Boss’ released by Obama for America ominously questions whether Romney has paid 10%, 5% or 0% of his taxes. The ad, ...

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