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Senate Judiciary To Begin Hearings On Flynn Unmasking, Russia Probe

The Senate Judiciary Committee will begin holding hearings in early June to review the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation and issues related to Michael Flynn, Sen. Lindsey Graham announced Thursday. “The Judiciary Committee will begin holding multiple, in-depth congressional hearings regarding all things related to Crossfire Hurricane starting in early June,” Graham, the chairman of the Judiciary panel, said in a ...

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Documents Shed Light On Media Leak Central To Michael Flynn Case

Michael Flynn

Documents released last week have helped fill in the timeline of events that preceded a leak to The Washington Post that is central to the federal case against Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser. House Intelligence Committee transcripts released Thursday show that several Justice Department officials, Obama White House officials and others in the administration denied being the source of the ...

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Report: Grenell Wants To Unmask The Obama Officials Who Unmasked Michael Flynn

Richard Grenell, the acting director of national intelligence, visited the Justice Department last week seeking to declassify documents related to Obama administration officials’s unmasking of Michael Flynn in transcripts of phone calls he had with Russia’s ambassador, ABC News is reporting. Grenell is asking the Justice Department to declassify a list of names of officials involved in the unmasking process, ...

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AG Barr: FBI Under Comey Set A ‘Perjury Trap’ For Michael Flynn

Attorney General William Barr said he believes that the FBI under James Comey set “a perjury trap” for Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser. In an interview with CBS News, Barr defended the Justice Department’s decision to drop charges against Flynn for making false statements to the FBI. “It was an easy decision,” said Barr in the interview, which ...

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FBI Planned To Close Michael Flynn Investigation, And Then Peter Strzok Intervened

An FBI memo dated Jan. 4, 2017 authorized closing a counterintelligence investigation into Michael Flynn, according to documents released Thursday.  Peter Strzok, who was deputy chief of FBI counterintelligence, stopped the investigation from ending, text messages show.  Three weeks later, Strzok would interview Flynn at the White House, setting off a chain of events that led to the former national ...

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Former CIA Moscow Chief Not Surprised By Evidence Of Russian Disinformation In Steele Dossier

A former CIA station chief who theorized two years ago that the Steele dossier was the product of Russian disinformation was vindicated by information declassified last week.  Daniel Hoffman, a former CIA clandestines officer, wrote in January 2018 that Steele may have fallen victim to a Kremlin-led disinformation effort.  The Justice Department’s inspector general uncovered information supporting that theory.  Hoffman ...

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Steele Source Voiced ‘Strong Support’ For Hillary Clinton, Had Ties To Kremlin

A source for information that ended up in the Steele dossier voiced “strong support” for Hillary Clinton and also had contacts to someone who worked in the Russian Presidential Administration, or Kremlin.  The bombshell information was declassified and released on Wednesday.  Other evidence released Wednesday shows that the FBI was aware that Russian operatives fed disinformation to Christopher Steele, the ...

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Nunes Expects More Criminal Referrals Stemming From Latest FISA Revelations

California Rep. Devin Nunes said Saturday that he expects to file more criminal referrals based on new revelations from the Justice Department inspector general’s investigation of the FBI’s probe of the Trump campaign. Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, has already filed eight criminal referrals related to the U.S. government’s investigation of the Trump campaign. He said ...

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ANALYSIS: It Would Have Been Good To Know The Steele Dossier Was Russian Disinformation Three Years Ago

At some point in 2017, the precise month is not clear, the FBI obtained evidence that Russian operatives fed disinformation to former British spy Christopher Steele. That stunning revelation came on Friday, and not through a leak, as did so many of the anti-Trump and pro-Steele stories that have come out since the dossier was published in January 2017. Instead, ...

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Bill Barr Says Evidence From Durham Probe Is ‘Troubling,’ Report Of Investigation Is ‘Likely’

Attorney General William Barr believes that U.S. Attorney John Durham is likely to produce a report of his investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, he said in an interview with Fox News that aired Thursday. Barr also said he has seen evidence that leads him to believe that U.S. officials engaged in “troubling” activity — and not simple ...

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‘Crossfire Typhoon’: Here Is A 171-Page Transcript Of Ex-Trump Aide’s Secret Conversation With An FBI Informant

Former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos told an FBI informant in late October 2016 that he did not believe the Trump campaign was working with the Russian government to influence the 2016 election, according to a 171-page transcript of the secretly recorded conversation obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller News Foundation. Papadopoulos is referred to as “Crossfire Typhoon” in the ...

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DNC Responds To Carter Page Lawsuit, Claiming Steele Dossier Is ‘Substantially True’

Responding to a lawsuit from Carter Page, lawyers for the Democratic National Committee claimed in a court filing this week that the “gist” of the Steele dossier is accurate.  Page sued the DNC and two of its outside attorneys on Jan. 30, accusing them of spreading false information collected by dossier author Christopher Steele.  The Justice Department inspector general found ...

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House Strikes Deal On Surveillance Bill, Addressing Some Problems From Carter Page FISA Report

Lawmakers in the House reached an agreement Tuesday to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, with some proposed reforms aimed at addressing some problems the Justice Department’s inspector general found with the FBI’s surveillance of Trump campaign aide Carter Page. The proposed bill comes just days before the surveillance law, known as FISA, is set to expire. House Speaker Nancy ...

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Christopher Steele Discusses Dossier For First Time In Public, Defends ‘What We Did’

Former British spy Christopher Steele defended his anti-Trump dossier at a private event at Oxford on Friday, in his first public remarks about the salacious document in the three-plus-years since it was published. “I stand by the integrity of our work, our sources and what we did,” Steele said at the Oxford Student Union. Steele’s glowing self-assessment is in stark ...

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