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Gowdy Drops Potential Bombshell About How FBI Corroborated Steele Dossier

Former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy dropped a potential bombshell on Tuesday regarding what information the FBI relied on to corroborate claims in the Steele dossier Gowdy said that when he was in office, he saw an FBI spreadsheet that cited news articles and information from longtime Clinton insider Sidney Blumenthal as corroboration for the dossier Gowdy did not identify ...

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Sen Blumenthal Cites Corsi’s Unverified Claim As Evidence That Trump Campaign ‘Coordinated’ With WikiLeaks

Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal is citing right-wing author Jerome Corsi to make the case that President Donald Trump and Roger Stone coordinated with WikiLeaks. Blumenthal cited an interview that Corsi gave in which he claimed that Stone asked him to contact WikiLeaks ahead of the publication of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape. If true, Corsi’s allegation would be a major ...

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Rampant Hatch Act Violations Revealed in Clinton Emails

The Hatch Act was first passed in 1939 to protect against the development of an oligarchy where high level political appointees use their official titles and powers to sway elections. Most federal employees who work for the executive branch are prohibited to some degree from participating in political activity. Members of the executive departments are held to less stringent standards, ...

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