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Senate tax plan a gift to Democrats running in 2018

Taxes are killing small business

President Donald Trump laid out simple, key goals for tax reform because he knew the messaging needed to be clear, concise and appetizing if Republicans were going to be able to bring working families on board and claim victory in 2018. The president wanted a tax code simplified to the point that annual filings could be done on a postcard, ...

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Trump heads to Capitol to lead on tax reform

Trump taxes

President Donald Trump will meet Tuesday with Senate Republicans on Capitol Hill to pull them together on tax reform. “We’re certainly looking for the president to put the full force and power into helping put through a good tax reform bill,” said Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-UT). Pushing tax reform through the House of Representatives is expected to be simple ...

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What’s in the Senate version of the 2018 Budget Bill?

Congress back in session

The U.S. Senate is set to vote on the FY2018 budget this week and the sentiment among many in the chamber is that it will pass, but what’s in it? READ: The Full Text of S.CON.RES.25 FY2018 Budget High-Level Summary of the Senate’s FY 2018 Budget Bill According to the Senate Budget Committee, the 2018 budget provides a path to a ...

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Senate Resolution for FY2018 Budget S.CON.RES.25 [Full Text]

S.CON.RES.25 FY2018 Budget

Calendar No. 238 115th CONGRESS 1st Session S. CON. RES. 25 IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES October 13, 2017 Mr. Enzi, from the Committee on the Budget, reported under authority of the order of the Senate of October 5, 2017, the following original concurrent resolution; which was placed on the calendar CONCURRENT RESOLUTION Setting forth the congressional budget for ...

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GOP Nervous as Populist Moore Beats Establishment-Backed Strange in Alabama

Roy Moore

Former Alabama Judge Roy Moore bested incumbent Senator Luther Strange in Tuesday’s Alabama primary run-off for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Moore, backed by populist Conservatives Steve Bannon and Dr. Sebastian Gorka won by more than 9 points 54.6% to 45.4% over Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s favored candidate. The win for Moore comes despite ...

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Moore and Strange Battle for Trump Vote in Alabama

Roy Moore and Luther Strange

Recent Polls Political Positions Differences The Republican primary runoff for a U.S. Senate seat in Alabama is heating up with just 4 days until voting day. Both Roy Moore and Sen. Luther Strange are hoping to capture the Trump vote in the state. President Donald Trump is supporting incumbent Senator Strange and will attend a rally for him Friday evening. ...

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Senators eye piecemeal approach to health care reform

Senate to try piecemeal health care fixes

Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle appear to have given up on a single repeal, repeal and replace or a repair bill for Obama’s troubled health care law. Members of the Senate are pushing several tactical approaches to fix Obamacare: regulatory changes, short-term legislative fixes and a change in how health care is funded by the federal government. ...

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Senate Confirms Christopher Wray as FBI Director

Senate vote reading

The U.S. Senate confirmed Christopher Wray on Tuesday as the new director of the FBI in a 92-5 vote. JUST IN: Christopher Wray confirmed as FBI Director by a 92-5 vote. No votes were Gillibrand, Markey, Merkley, Warren, Wyden pic.twitter.com/PJS3Exc3h7 — NBC News (@NBCNews) August 1, 2017 Previously, Wray served as the assistant attorney general in charge of the criminal ...

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What’s in the GOP “Skinny Repeal” Bill

Republicans released late Thursday their latest attempt at repealing and replacing Obamacare in the form of an amendment nicknamed “skinny repeal.” The amendment to H.R. 1628, The American Health Care Act, is called Health Care Freedom Act and repeals mandates that required individuals to buy insurance they didn’t want and forced business to provide insurance they could not afford.  But, ...

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McConnell to push full repeal of Obamacare

Mitch McConnell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced late Monday night that he will ditch the “repeal and replace” bill favored by moderate Republicans in the Senate and instead push the 2015 bill that mandates a full repeal of everything Obamacare. “Regretfully, it is now apparent that the effort to repeal and immediately replace the failure of Obamacare will not be successful,” McConnell ...

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Dianne Feinstein Calls for Probe Into Loretta Lynch Over Clinton Email ‘Matter’

Octogenarian Democrat Dianne Feinstein is following up her demands for another tribunal to examine whether President Trump obstructed justice with something so bizarre that one has to wonder if she’s been drinking. During an appearance on the Sunday morning blabfest CNN’s “State of the Union”, California’s senior senator showed that she was a team player by defending former FBI Director ...

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Oh Lordy: Comey Set to Cash in Big on Book and Movie Deals

Fired FBI Director James Comey owes a big debt of gratitude to the media for the image that they have constructed of him. Following his star turn during Thursday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing that transfixed America, the former bureaucrat will never have to worry about money again once the book and movie deals begin to roll in. The media has effectively ...

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Former Obama Appointee to Testify Monday on Russia and Flynn

Sally Yates-1

Sally Yates will testify Monday in front of a Senate committee. The former Obama deputy attorney general will be grilled on her understanding of Russian interference in the 2016 election and her knowledge of Michael Flynn’s interactions with Russian officials. Yates and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper will both testify in Monday’s hearing. WATCH: Sally Yates testifies before Senate ...

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Cranky John McCain Accuses Rand Paul of Working for Putin

john mccain angry

Dyspeptic old warmonger John McCain is unraveling at a quicker pace than normal these days. The six-term senator may as well be a part of the Democratic Party given his Russian conspiracy mongering and hatred for President Donald Trump and maybe he secretly is. The Arizonan snapped again on Wednesday by accusing fellow Republican senator Rand Paul of being an ...

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Senate Rebukes Warren During Sessions Debate

Elizabeth Warren shut down

Sen. Elizabeth Warren had her comments on Sen. Jeff Sessions rebuked under rule 19 of the Senate on Tuesday after making disparaging remarks about the current Senator who is also President Trump’s nominee for Attorney General.

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