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Twitter And Facebook Ding Network Of Accounts Tied To Russia And Iran

Facebook and Twitter said they coordinated efforts ahead of the 2018 elections to remove thousands of accounts tied to foreign governments that used similar tactics as were used in 2016, NBC reported Thursday. The Russian operation mirrored the operation undertook by the Internet Research Agency, an organization indicted for spreading misinformation before the 2016 election. The ploy in 2018 was less ...

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Drunk Guy Takes Over Plane, Tries To Fly It To Afghanistan

Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee was on alert Tuesday after a passenger amid a Moscow-bound flight attempted to hijack the plane and threatened to divert it to Afghanistan. The flight made an emergency landing in the Russian city of Khanty-Mansiysk where police detained a drunken, bluffing man, CBC News reported. The passenger, who claimed he was armed but was not, attempted to ...

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Brother Of American Detained In Russia For Espionage Says There’s No Way He Could Be A Spy

The brother of an American detained in Russia for espionage appeared on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday to plead his sibling’s innocence and said there’s no way he could possibly be a spy. David Whelan said his brother Paul Whelan served as a United States Marine and was fond of international travel, but would never do anything to violate the Espionage Act. David Whelan ...

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American Man Being Held In Russia On Charges Of Espionage

Russian authorities detained a U.S. citizen and accused him of espionage, Russian domestic intelligence agency FSB said in a statement Monday. Paul Whelan was arrested while “carrying out spying activities” Dec. 28, according to the FSB statement cited by The Wall Street Journal. Whelan could be punished with 10 to 20 years in jail, according to Russian news agency TASS. ...

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American Energy Is Derailing Russia’s Stranglehold Over Europe, Official Says

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Liquified natural gas and coal from the U.S. is beginning to erode Russian influence in Europe as countries look away from Russian President Vladimir Putin to secure their energy needs, according to Deputy Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette. The European Parliament took steps to distance itself from Russia. In particular, an agreement between Germany and Russia to build a pipeline ...

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Trump administration issues new sanctions against Russian individuals and entities

Today, the Departments of State and the Treasury took joint action against Russia’s continued and blatant disregard for international norms. “We will not tolerate attempts to interfere in our democratic process, and we will side with our allies and partners against Russian subversion and destabilization,” administration officials said in a joint statement. “We will continue to work with our allies ...

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Are Russians Secretly Backing US Enviros? Lawsuit Intends To Find Out

An open records lawsuit filed against the State Department is attempting to uncover whether Russian entities attempted to financially support U.S. environmentalist causes. The Institute for Energy Research (IER) — a free-market energy group based in Washington, D.C. — filed the lawsuit on Monday. IER has requested the State Department to hand over correspondence concerning hydraulic fracturing, environmental advocacy and ...

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New Senate Report Shines Light On Extent Of Russia’s Election-Year Trolling

Russia’s campaign to undermine the 2016 presidential election was larger than previously suspected and included attempts at using social media to suppress the black vote, according to a new Senate report. Russian actors used an array of Instagram posts to suppress Democratic votes in the leadup to the election, cybersecurity firm New Knowledge noted in a report Monday to Senate ...

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Fake News, The Walls Are Closing In – Ben Garrison Cartoon

What is the focus of the Mueller investigations? Russian collusion. What is missing? Russian collusion. The Mueller investigation’s biggest accomplishments so far are: Flynn. Manafort. Cohen. I listened to a recent Jimmy Dore podcast on YouTube. Naturally, I disagree with his progressive politics, but he’s one of the few journalists on the left who is pointing out the gross corruption ...

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US Lawmakers Officially Condemn Russia’s Natural Gas Pipeline Into Germany

The House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to condemn Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a natural gas pipeline project that the U.S. believes will undermine Europe’s energy security. “It attempts to drive a wedge between NATO allies,” said Texas Republican congressman Michael Conaway, the sponsor of the resolution. The Texas lawmaker went on to say Russia’s claims about the project ...

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France Is Investigating Russia’s Supposed Role In Promoting Yellow Vest Riots

France is investigating Russia’s alleged role in promoting the so-called Yellow Vest movement after recent reports suggest Moscow-linked news outlets spread false information about the protests. French security services are looking into whether Russian outlets boosted hashtags promoting the protests, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in a Sunday local radio interview. His comments come after reports showed that 600 ...

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U.S. to Suspend Obligations Under INF Treaty Due to Russia’s Violations

State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert announced Tuesday that the United States would suspend its obligations to the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty because Russia has repeatedly violated the agreement. “Today the United States declared that Russia is in material breach of the INF,” Nauert posted. “Unless Russia returns to full & verifiable compliance, we will suspend our obligations under the ...

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DNI Coats: Russia has violated the INF arms treaty

We believe Russia’s objective was to keep the United States constrained while it quietly built and deployed a force of illegal missiles that threaten Europe. Speaking at a press briefing earlier this week, Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats showed that Russia has intentionally violated the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty and did so to create a technology that will ...

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Trump cancels meeting with Putin, cites Russia’s seizure of Ukrainian vessels

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President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he had decided to cancel a one-on-one meeting with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin because Russia had not yet returned ships and sailors that it illegally seized earlier this week. “Based on the fact that the ships and sailors have not been returned to Ukraine from Russia, I have decided it would be best ...

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Mattis: Actions in Ukraine Show Russia’s Word Cannot Be Trusted

By Jim Garamone – Defense.gov WASHINGTON — Russia’s seizure of three Ukrainian ships in the Sea of Azov in contradiction to signed treaties and the Law of the Sea show that Russia cannot be counted on to keep its word, Defense Secretary James N. Mattis said at the Pentagon today. Defense Secretary James N. Mattis discusses Russia’s seizure of three Ukrainian ...

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